Benefits of using Pocket HRMS for Retail Sector – Payroll anytime, anywhere

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Is your retail business still stuck with legacy or entry-level HR software? Is it slugging your HR and payroll operations? Is it eating a lot of time than expected to execute mundane HR processes?

If your answer is yes for any of these above mentioned questions, it is time you consider moving your payroll and HR processes to cloud. Yes, these are signs your business is craving for a mobile or cloud based HR software.

Pocket HRMS is one such end-to-end cloud based payroll software designed for SMEs and start-ups across India. It is equipped with excellent mobile capabilities that can address all the pain-points endured by HR personnel in retail sector.

Here is a quick rundown on the benefits of using Pocket HRMS for your retail business. Moving your HR and payroll chores to cloud is a crucial business decision, but worth the investment.

Perks of Pocket HRMS – End to End HR management Solution

  • With Pocket HRMS, you provide your workforce with access to seamless employee self-service Updating personal and other details of employees is no more a strain on your HR personnel, as the self service portal facilitates your employees to view and update their personal details, apply for leaves, check balance leaves, download payslips on their own and on the go. Retail outlets at multiple cities across India? Not an issue, because Pocket HRMS gives you instant access to quintessential HR and payroll data 24×7 from any handheld device.
  • Designed using latest coding techniques and tools, Pocket HRMS supports all current-gen browsers with seamless navigation and user-friendly dashboard. HR personnel at retail businesses are often confronted with logging in flexible working shifts/hours or attendance coming in from multiple work locations. And we all know that flexible working shifts are turning out to be more of a necessity than luxury these days.
  • It is impossible to envision a retail environment without a distributed workforce. And, nothing can be more beneficial than a fully automated, mobile-friendly and cloud based HRMS solution for such a business environment. It would greatly assist in efficient communication and workforce management.
  • Pocket HRMS offers a / repository for all your HR and payroll data. No more running helter-skelter to extract key HR documents or data. Most importantly, having a single repository eliminates the hassles of duplicate entries. Talk about instant access to real time data, data integrity and budget-friendliness.
  • Simple and pocket-friendly pricing options makes Pocket HRMS a scalable and flexible HR software for SMEs and start-ups. Choose the plan that suits your business needs, preferences and budget. Every plan comes with a powerful set of tools that work toward simplifying HR and payroll operations.
  • Similar to all HR solutions thing, you can integrate Pocket HRMS to a number of other enterprise management solutions such as biometric attendance system etc.
  • Easy-to-navigate dashboard with intelligent reporting gives real-time visibility of all the data that matters the most to your HR personnel. This renders a clear picture of areas that need improvement or require immediate attention helping to make smart and quick decisions. Further, the drag and drop functionality makes it a cakewalk to play with rows, columns, filters and much more. Talk about data analysis and reporting on the run.

To conclude, it can be stated that cloud based HR software indeed is a handy and need of the hour for the retail industry. To learn more about how our payroll solution can simplify payroll processing, time/attendance management and pave way for an empowered workforce, click here. or write to for more details.


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