Processing payroll and labour management for your construction or Infrastructure business is no more a daunting task with Pocket HRMS.

For Infrastructure i.e. labour-intensive organisations, payroll is undoubtedly a robust administrative challenge. To run dozens of complex union and non-union construction payrolls is certainly not a child’s play. Pocket HRMS cloud based payroll software can drastically reduce the burden required to manage and improve your payroll and labour processes. Right from mobile field time entry to analytics and reporting, Pocket HRMS has it all.

  • Pocket HRMS has a Multi-State, Multi-Union, payroll processing with multiple companies
  • Pocket HRMS can be merged with different accounting & biometric systems
  • Pocket HRMS can also execute inter-departmental and inter-company payroll processing
  • Employee self service portal enabling employees to update their personal details on the go
  • Off-site time and attendance tracking

Being a web based and mobile functionalities collection, transmission and approval of labour time, expenses, union agreements and other payroll data from the field is much faster. Pocket HRMS provides field software solutions for professionals, crews and field service technicians.

  • Processing payroll checks
  • Calculation of labour hours by Job, Cost Type and Cost code
  • Drill down to specific labour distribution detail
  • View payroll fringe benefit, tax & insurance expense in detail
  • Analyse productivity rates by day, week, month or job to date

Pocket HRMS allows you to choose from several payroll burden allocation methodologies. Apply actual labour burden expense on cost plus jobs, use estimated overhead allocation rules on lump-sum projects, use standard charge rates to distribute other executive salary expense to your jobs and use any combination of these rules on a single job:

  • Actual Burden Expense: Fringes, Taxes & Insurance
  • Standard Charge Rates
  • Estimated Burden Allocation as a percentage of base labor or rate/hour
  • Payroll and Timecard Analytics, Reporting

Pocket HRMS provides continual performance improvements for your HR department by Dashboard or Business Analyst interface.

  • Labour Cost Analysis
  • Labour Productivity Analysis
  • Labour Trend Analysis
  • Exception Reporting for Current Period payroll processing

To learn more about Pocket HRMS’s abilities and cool features, feel free to ask for a demo here. You can also drop a mail to us at or SMS SAGE to 56767 to get a free consultation.


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