Parliament Attendance goes digital: MPs mark attendance through App

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Parliament Attendance
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The monsoon session of the year 2020, which took place at the parliament witnessed digital and untouched biometric attendance of the respected Lok Sabha members.

This was already informed by the Lok Sabha speaker Mr. Om Birla earlier this month (Sept 2020). He said that the parliament members/ MPs attending the first monsoon session in the month in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, need to register their attendance through a special purpose mobile attendance app.

The prime objective behind this initiative is to ensure minimal contacts and curtail the risk of COVID-19. The traditional use of the attendance register seems to be out of service for a longer period.

The intuitive mobile attendance app is known to be designed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) that ensures accurate attendance tracking with developed co-ordinates to be working only when the person is inside the parliament. This is also termed as ‘Geo fencing’ technology.

The MPs need to upload their face snap on the mobile portal and later the application will identify people and register their clock-In and clock-Out respectively. The selfie attendance will ensure foolproof attendance and prevent any false data.

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Attendance app is also said to comprise of new-age features like leave modules, on-the-way report generation, interactive dashboard, and much more to make attendance management related activities easier and non-contact.

Respected Speaker Om Birla, at the dawn of the session, also addressed the crowd about following the precautionary measures and guidelines, in order to conclude a safe session. The session is planned to end by October 1st.


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Sources: Hindustan Times, PRAGATIWADI, OMMCOM NEWS, NIC


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