10 Common Myths Business Leaders have about Employee Engagement

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According to a recent Dale Carnegie Training report, the number of engaged workforce in India stands at 31% only. This evidences that India is facing some downright challenges when it comes to employee engagement, which is significantly affecting productivity whilst increasing employee turnover rates. Thus, employee engagement has become a need of the hour for businesses in India.

So what is it that makes people less engaged at work? The answer could very much throw light on a key fact that several business leaders and entrepreneurs are failing to invest in engagement efforts. Now, what makes them do that? Here are 10 common myths that business leaders have pertaining to employee engagement.

     1. Most of them don’t perceive it as a problem

CEOs and entrepreneurs particularly the ones whose companies have been in the show for some time, often misconceive that their employees are engaged, which is something that is quite opposite to the fact and stats. Simply because they feel that way doesn’t mean it’s true.

     2. They tend to turn a blind eye to the well-being of employees

Let us accept the fact that not every company is a haven for its employees. Unfortunately, some organizations view their people as subservient, who often exhibit signs of burnouts at the workplace. Of course, these companies tend to have some serious employee turnover and retention problems.

     3. They undervalue its importance

Despite the proven connection between productivity and employee engagement, several organizations fail to apprehend the value of employee engagement. And since it fails to get top priority, it is simply neglected.

     4. They perceive it as time-consuming

Often, employees are loaded with too much on their plates, and thus, business leaders tend to shun the idea of employee engagement to avoid making things more complex for their people. Thanks to technology and new tools to make workforce engagement a piece of cake for employees, HRs as well as business leaders.

    5. They resist change

Change is the only thing constant in life and many business leaders fail to understand this adage. They fear to venture out of their comfort zone and thus, end up doing the same things repeatedly. Therefore, they fail to see any reason for the change.

      6. They think it’s costly and would dig big holes in their pockets

Though new initiatives do tend to cost money and time, employee engagement doesn’t have to necessarily cost you a fortune. All you ought to do is get a bit creative and start thinking out of the box to come up with some pocket-friendly workforce engagement ideas to get you going. 

      7. They preach a top-down approach

Whilst some companies value inputs of their employees, whereas some are only concerned about the data that flows from top to bottom. These organizations fail to understand the importance of soliciting feedback and inputs from low-rank staff. You never know who is going to come up with that next big and money-spinning idea.

     8. They believe it’s too challenging

Some business leaders think that they ought to revive the ropes for improving engagement. This is one of the biggest conceptions since one can witness improvement in workforce engagement by leveraging a simple mobile app such as employee self service portal as well that simplifies communication between management and employees.

     9. They simply don’t want to venture into engagement

Yes, engagement does come as a baffling thing for certain business leaders and managers. They are clueless as to where to start. The good news is that it all starts from the top-level management. All you need is a sound strategy.

     10. They are unaware of engagement

Sad, but yes it’s true. Some companies have never heard about workforce engagement and its importance. Thus, it becomes the least priority of a task for them.

Whilst change can be daunting for any organization, business leaders that kick-start employee engagement initiatives are sure to witness exponential improvements in productivity, team morale, and retention rates.

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