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mobile workforce management
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What is mobile workforce management?

We are operating in a connected world i.e. the mobile app era. Organizations need leaders and employees to have access to data in real-time work to help them make sound and informed decisions on the go.

Employees increasingly expect to communicate and complete their tasks in the same way they conduct their personal communications. Nevertheless, for employers and managers especially HR managers, workforce or employee management is one of the core duties.

Mobile workforce management system like Pocket HRMS – an enterprise-class and fully cloud-based HR and payroll software, is designed to help businesses and HR managers streamline the entire process of workforce management without incurring huge IT and infrastructure costs.

A dedicated mobile workforce management software provides integrated well-integrated functionalities to help with workforce management and that includes, accurate time and attendance management modules, mobile payroll, and most importantly, employee self-service portal and automated payroll modules.

Yes, cloud and mobile technologies allow you to use Pocket HRMS from the comforts of your home, office, and when on the go. So workforce management and payroll become a lot easier.

Right from tracking the punch in and out timings of employees to accurate attendance tracking, everything is automated and reports are available at the click of a button or with just a few swipes on your handheld devices.

On the other hand, managing diverse employee inquiries and stuff is made a whole lot simple with employee self-service portal wherein employees can check leaves balance, apply for leaves, track requests for the same, download payslips, check their PF information, tax deductions, TDS details, and much more right from their handheld devices from anywhere and anytime. Talk about employee empowerment!

Pocket HRMS is fully mobile-ready and one of the most picked mobile workforce management system in India.

To know in detail about how Pocket HRMS can help you in optimum workforce management, feel free to reach us here. Also, shoot us a mail at sales@pockethrms.com for a quick demo.

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