Is mobile HR the future of employee management?

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Technology has traversed a long way and has changed the way we interact with people and execute business operations at lightning speed these days. Most importantly, recent technological advancements are making the lives of employees a lot easier and hassle-free.

One such tech buzzword ‘mobile technology’ that is taking businesses by a storm. This article will talk about how mobile HR is the perfect pick-me-up for employee management for businesses and human resources personnel all around.

Mobile technology facilitates employees to be flexible and productive at their work as well as makes it easier for managers and human resource personnel to perform workforce management on the go.

This is fast catching up a lot of attention especially among the millennials. Yes, flexibility at the workplace, good work-life balance, and opportunity to work on big projects are three things that the Generation Y employees crave for the most rather than financial perks. Businesses failing to embrace this emerging tech trend may end up losing top talents or potential candidates to their competitors.

To embrace a mobile workforce, HR managers and employers would need a cloud-based mobile HR app that allows human resource people and entrepreneurs to track employee performance, attendance, leaves, etc. on the run.

Here are a few top perks of having a cloud-based mobile HR solution for your business and why it’s a safe bet to invest in one:

1. Since it’s on the cloud, you get instant access to all the crucial HR and employee data. All you need is a computer and a reliable Internet connection to get going.

2. It is completely secure thus, ensuring the safety of all your employee data.

3. The interface is user-friendly, clean, and quick.

4. The most pertinent feature is that of employee self-service portal, which empowers the employees to check and update their personal details on the go.

5. Keeping track of employee time and attendance becomes a cakewalk with a mobile HR software since it automates the entire process saving HR personnel from the hassles of doing it manually.

6. For a business with remote workforce reporting in from different locations, tracking their time. attendance, performance, etc. won’t be a headache, since mobile HR solution makes this easy and hassle-free.

Is your human resources department mobile-ready? If not, then now is the time to do so. Future-proof your human resource personnel with a mobile HR software with Pocket HRMS, a leading cloud-based HR Software. With fully equipped offices and development centres across India, it is fast becoming a hot favourite cloud-based HRMS solution among SMEs.

To learn more about how a mobile HR software can work wonders for your business, employees, and HR department, contact us here. You can also give us a shout-out at Twitter and Facebook or write to us at


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