Middle Managers: The Unsung Heroes That Are Improving Workplaces

middle managers
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Mid-level or middle managers are indispensable assets for any organisation. This is why recruiting as well as retaining quality middle managers is imperative for your organisation to run efficiently and to get your employees creative and motivated without spending a fortune.

Here’s how these unsung heroes are transforming workplaces all across:

     1. They fuel productivity

Whilst executives dream big, mid-level managers are the ones, who help to make these dreams come true. Yes, middle managers are the ones accountable when it comes to allocating roles and responsibilities, resources aptly and meeting deadlines. Though a mid-level manager may not act or look like a stellar leader, he/she gets things done in a quiet manner minus the thump.

     2. They are the decision makers

In today’s era of less-stringent hierarchies, managers tend to have more responsibilities than they had a few years ago. This is the reason why managers are assigned with the responsibility to determine how a company’s strategy is being incorporated into its daily functions. This is fair, since managers are the ones, who know employees the best. They know who would fit into what role and how to implement the best approach. Often, middle managers are the strongest problem solvers, since they tend to encounter practical issues on a daily basis. Further, they are the liaison between employees and executives. As such, a manager has to frequently switch between two different worlds and convey the C-suite’s ideas and expectations to the entire team.

     3. Drivers of engagement

Middle managers play a pivotal role when it comes to motivating the employees. Managers are the ones, who often entrust the best employees. So if a talented employee decides to leave the organisation, they are the ones to feel the most. Simply put, they want the best employees to stay for long. Furthermore, they tend to have a better work-life balance, feel more valued and are less likely to quit their company for a mere 10% raise. Thus, middle managers will drive the next gen human resource departments for optimum engagement.


To conclude, one can say that recruitment and retention of excellent middle managers will become mission-critical for businesses in the future. They are the cornerstones of an organisation right from motivating the employees to driving project success.

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