Managing Lifestyle Conditions at Workplace – Taboo or Need?

Managing Lifestyle Conditions at Workplace - Taboo or Need?
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With the rise of the millennial generation in the workplace, employers are trying to adapt to modern ways too. Behaviors that were once considered career blunders or inappropriate are being accepted now as a new part of the evolving world.


Now before you read this and rush to get a Mohawk, hold your horses. It is important to note that the work culture and rules vary from office to office.


How to tackle different types of Employee Personalities?



Always consider what kind of job are you in, try to keep up with the requirements of your company. Having said that, many taboos are slowly changing the norm, such as-



Pursuing other opportunities

Many employers have finally accepted the fact that their employees are not going to stick in their particular role lifelong. While openly talking about switching in front of your boss is still not a good idea, but you can’t get fired for it anymore.


Dressing up and showing to work, then disappearing for a couple of hours, sends a subtle hint. If you are a top performer, this might even give you some edge during salary reviews.


If your boss wants to retain you, he/she might offer you a raise with other benefits.



It has become completely normal for employees to treat themselves as a business, not just another worker of the office. People are no more scared of show-casing their hidden talents. Despite having full-time corporate jobs, many people come home and work on their personal brands too. Earlier, this was frowned upon.


You were expected to do work only in your field, and no extracurricular activities were encouraged. Even though some employers welcome this wholeheartedly, some are still not accepting of their employees have another job outside of work.




When you spend your maximum time of life in the office, you are bound to start liking someone in your office. With so much time going into work, there is hardly any time left for socializing and getting to know people outside the office. Office romance has been and still is frowned upon in many offices.


Sadly, this is beyond dismal. Some companies who are a stickler for such kind of things, make employees sign a contract about not having any affairs in the office. Such guidelines should change as people should be allowed to be with whoever they want to be.



Sharing personal lives

Many offices feel that work life and personal life should be kept separate. While that is good in some ways, but this reduces the bonding of the employee with the co-workers and the company altogether.


Nowadays people have become more vocal about how they feel. They need a platform or someone to vent. Sharing feelings with colleagues and boss can help you reduce your stress. After the pandemic has struck, many offices are encouraging this. Creating a trust circle, or a group, where everyone can share their lives, is a must nowadays.


They know that their thoughts are safe, and they won’t be judged. Everyone should be accepted as they are.




With work-from-home trending these days, it is something that should be an option even after the pandemic. If the employer knows that the employees can work productively even from home, they should give them the option to work from home whenever they need it.


Till the time their productivity or efficiency isn’t getting hampered, the taboo that people who work from home are lazy should be eliminated.



Taking time for skill development

With long and tiring work hours, people hardly get the time to reflect on themselves. They end up spending their life in the same job role, even when they might have had better skills at something else.


Companies don’t encourage their employees to try on different fields, they want them to be limited only in their experience. Giving an hour off every day to all the employees for skill development, won’t only help the employees, but might help the company too.


The employees might learn they are better at something else and pursuing that could help in their career progression immensely.



Normalizing the word “Menstruation”

Yes, it is normal, yes it happens to women every month. It is a taboo that has been coming along for ages and is continuing. It can become very awkward for women to attend office during menstruation.


Going to the washroom every hour, thinking everyone is noticing them. The term menstruation should be normalized, and women should feel safe and comfortable even during their menses. Companies can take efforts to ensure this, like allowing at least one leave every month, ensuring a hygienic bathroom, etc.


It is time that people stop walking on eggshells and be comfortable with this term.


The world is changing and so are people. They want to work in an office where the work culture is in tune with their lifestyle. They want to work without any discomfort, or else they end up leaving sooner than anticipated. Being able to talk to employers about their issues, and adapting to new changes, can brighten an employee’s day thereby increasing their productivity.



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