Manage Your Employees Like A Coach To Make Them Gold Medalists

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With great power, comes great responsibility! A good athlete is only as dedicated as their coach teaches them to be. With the correct amount of guidance, correction, and encouragement, a coach can push their athletes to bag the gold medal. Similarly, a good manager can follow the same principles to make their employees excel in their work. While your employees might not be trying to land a gold medal like Neeraj Chopra for Javelin throw, you can still learn managerial tips to ensure they stick their landing!


So what better way to be a pro at employee management? Teach them and motivate them as they move from one level to the next. Check out the ways to ace your managerial skills-

  • Manage Every Employee Individually

Every employee has a unique way of responding to teaching methods. While some might respond to logic, others to encouragement, and some just want to do it on their own. If you are managing a lot of people, then it’s another story. But if you have a handful of them, knowing what kind of employee management do they respond to the best, and then going about it can be your best bet to get the most out of them. This does not mean that you are favouring one employee over another by giving those different treatments, but rather knowing what suits them the best and then putting it into action.



  • Know When To Take A Backseat

There is only so much a manager can do, the final strand is always in the employees’ hands. You can provide your employees with all the tools and resources they will require in order to achieve the goal, but in the end, it is their journey, and you can simply guide them. A good manager knows that nothing can come out of micromanaging an employee, but a lot can be done by empowering them to take accountability for their actions and results.



  • Keep Realistic Expectations

You should motivate your employees, no doubt, but don’t build unrealistic expectations in their heads. Communication is always the key to success, and hence, communicate clearly what is expected of them and how much of that they can achieve. And not only this, this rule applies to the manager as well. Not only should a good manager keep their employees’ expectations in check, but theirs too. Just because an employee has performed well on a specific project or for a particular period, don’t start considering it as their decree of performance. Every person has their good and bad days, and expecting too much or too soon from an employee, will only bring disappointment to both the manager as well as the employee.



  • Pay Heed To The Alignment

Realize that there is no I in team. While your guidance and encouragement is a done deal when it comes to employees’ success, but so is ensuring that the employees work together as a team. As a manager, it is easy to call the shots, shower them with your advise and wisdom, but making your employees work together as a team will not only make your job easier but also make your employees learn from each other’s mistakes and victories. After all, group bonding and brainstorming are probably some of the best ways to give birth to brilliant ideas!



  • Starve Their Distractions, Feed Their Focus

Employees are only human, and they will have their days of lows and distractions, and as a good manager, it is your duty to rectify this. You will be at your best leadership moment only when all employees are focused. Asking any distracted employee what is bothering them and if there is anything that you can do to help, will not only make them will feel better, but will also demonstrate how valuable they are for you. Give them space to regroup and rebuild, and once they have dealt with their concerns, they will bounce back like never before!



  • Relationship-Building- A long term investment

The real magic happens, only when the bond when between a coach and the athlete is built on loyalty and trust. The cord strikes, when everyone in the office gets along. Many managers don’t try a lot till the time they have a decent work relationship with their employees. In contradiction, numerous coaches have said that the bond between a coach and athlete is based on trust, and the only way to ensure their success is by stressing the importance of relationship building.


Set up after-office bonding sessions, office trips, or motivate employees to take on bigger tasks. Try to foster an environment that revolves around teamwork and healthy competition, not individualism. Enhanced productivity and happiness are guaranteed by implying this technique.



  • Good Things Take Time

Help your employees to accomplish long-term goals by setting short ones initially. Success is not a one-step process, it takes time and many levels of clearance to achieve it. Create a plan, and break them down into small strategies, so that not only does your employee reach that peak of success, but also doesn’t feel overwhelmed or burdened in doing so.



The most important goal that a manager and an employee should keep in mind is what they have to do right now, at the moment. It is a given that not all your employees can stand on the gold medal podium, but you can do your best to make sure they at least have a shot at it!



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