Lockdown 3.0 Highlights: Things you Must know!

Lockdown 3.0 Highlights: Things you Must know!
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MHA on Monday 4th May 2020 extended the lockdown in support to curb down the rising positive cases of coronavirus in the nation. The ministry has also come up with new guidelines to be followed by individuals and companies.


With every new phase of lockdown, there comes a certain set of rules and regulations for the people following the statistics of cases and deaths in the nation. The lockdown guidelines were discussed and mutually approved within certain state and union ministers and PM Modi.


Below are the guidelines issued by MHA for workplace and public place:


  • Wearing a mask while working at the office and anywhere outside the house is mandatory
  • Mandated thermal scanning for employees
  • People above 65 and below 10 years of age must stay at home
  • Transport facility to be ensured by the company (if not private vehicle)
  • Usage of Aarogya Setu app compulsory for commuting people
  • Funeral gatherings must not involve people more than 20
  • Marriage functions must not promote people gathering of more than 50


Besides this, the government has divided the nation into 3 parts i.e. Green zone, Orange zone, and Red zone.


What major activities won’t be allowed in Red zone areas like Mumbai, Patna, and South Andamans?

  • Barber shops
  • Local clinics
  • Bus services
  • Train and Flights
  • E-commercial activities and much more…


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Disclaimer: This post is not an advisory for organizations and individuals. Please visit Ministry of Health and Family Welfare –  https://www.mohfw.gov.in/ and Ministry of Home Affairs for latest guidelines.


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