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HR folks are always at the front line at solving the challenges of an organization. Be it employee retention, streamlining HR management operations, and now remote workforce management amid COVID-19 outbreak.

The coronavirus pandemic has challenged the HR people to manage attendance and timesheets for remotely working people. Crises have led them to adapt to the newest online working concerns at organisation, to keep activities on track.

Listed below are 3 most popular areas/ HR priorities to be affected post coronavirus lockdown:

  • Remote workforce management could be the permanent thing

Employees and other staff people have been advised to work from home till the pandemic ends. But, with the reported benefits of remote working for both employer and employee, working from home could stay for longer.

A long remote work compulsion of year 2020 can make HR to manage a remote workforce for maybe till the end.

  • Automated payroll management

Remote workforce and online business solution have forced HR department to look out for best online solutions which can ease employment management throughout. Automated payroll solutions allow HR manager to easily conclude with monthly payroll and compliance management is no more a concern either.

Online payroll software comes up with integrated attendance management module with accurate worked hour and timesheet calculation.

  • Revamped engaging methods

Engaging the workforce seems to be easier for the HR people while working remotely. With better work-life balance, timely payroll, and easily accessible payslips through online self-service portal, it makes employee management a cakewalk for HR department.

Keeping your employees connected with empowering tools like ESS portal brings a healthy revamp to your old methods.

Pocket HRMS is one such solution. To learn more about business solutions, follow this! Learn more about remote work management from our recent blogs.

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