Our second speaker was Mr. Vikas Lachhwani, the Co-founder of mCaffeine, a man who wears many hats. He had joined us to share his knowledge of the power of psychometrics in the HR world. “I am really excited to be a part of this webinar as talking about psychometrics is fun” quoted Mr. Vikas Lachhwani. He is currently involved in building haircare and skincare products for the millennials, and needless to say, doing that requires the power of psychometrics too. Being the kind soul that Mr. Vikas Lachhwani is, he requested the attendees to throw away any questions during the speech itself and make it a two way conversation.

He then explained that psychometric is a field where you need a little bit of psychology and a little bit of analytics to understand assess people. “During my time. About 10 years back, I had to justify to everyone why analytics are important. But now the world has progressed and they see the benefits of it”, shared Mr. Vikas Lachhwani. Then he went on to answer the most asked question, what exactly does “Psychometric” mean? He answered the question smartly by saying it is painting the picture of a particular person. He gave an intriguing example of how teenagers used to express their feelings by writing poems, similarly, psychometrics is assessing people and painting a picture about them based on their different traits and behaviours. “It is very critical to know why the assessment is critical, otherwise the result would be wrong and unfair”, quoted Mr. Vikas Lachhwani.

Then he proceeded to explain Psychometrics in detail-
Every HR has a different way of judging candidates as the requirements and needs of every organization is different. If a team is doing a particular job, you can’t associate it with everyone, that this particular task should be handle by this particular person, unless you know the traits and skills of that person. Personality is a trait that keeps on changing and the world is full of introverts and extroverts. A bias has been developed that only extroverts and strong people make good candidates, which is not true. Sometimes a job role might need a person who is an introvert and calmer.

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Then Mr. Vikas Lachhwani goes on and answers the importance of personality profiling. “Doing a job which is mundane requires a person who is introvert, focused, and doesn’t get bored easily. A person, their behaviour and atmosphere, all interact with each other simultaneously. For example, if a company has a strict and harsh CEO, the CXO and other people will automatically get impacted by it. When we are assessing a person. That is when we need to decide the particular parameters for the accurate result. One personality profiling is not enough as there are people who are either introverted or extroverted, neurotic or confident, assertive or agreeable, conventional or dynamic. Thus is important to recognize which job profile requires what kind of parameters for the role.

“Psychometric is a tool to assess people. That is an option and not the ultimate decision-maker” concluded Mr. Vikas Lachhwani.

Watch Mr. Vikas Lachhwani’s session below to learn how you can use Psychometrics to assess people

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