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Our third and final speaker was Mr. Kumar Siddhartha, the MD of Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. He is a pioneer of the Artificial Intelligence and Automated Chatbot field. He started his speech by showing a couple of informative slides that he explained simultaneously. The first slide included the dilemma that everyone globally is facing- the problems in the New Normal and how automation has made it easier for the HRs to adapt to such challenging times. AI has made everything smooth sailing such as employee reviews, health monitoring, mass employee engagement, work-from-home anywhere anytime. Automated chatbots like smHRty solve all HR-related queries such as salary detail, loan application, leave management, etc. Mr. Kumar Siddhartha proceeds to say in the next slide how automation has not only made the life of the HR department efficient but the employees as well. He states that for an ideal employee, a certain trifecta should be ensured, i.e., happiness, engagement, and motivation.



Mr. Kumar Siddhartha then continued to share and enlighten us with the advantages of Automation. The key benefits included-


  • Employees can access information anytime, anywhere
  • Available across multiple channels such as the company website, in-app, or on a messaging channel
  • Help accelerate resolution and reduces response time for any HR-related requests or issues



He then explained how Helpdesk Automation is the next best thing in HR. The first advantage that Mr. Kumar Siddhartha mentioned was that often HR is troubled with generic issues such as printer not working or broken coffee machine, Helpdesk with an integrated Smart Assistant can get generic employee queries resolved in no time without distracting HRs! The second benefit he explained was of having the luxury to have a personal conversation with a Digital Assistant! Chatbots can take over many of the routine tasks typically handled by support staff and do so around the clock. The employees can ask any question from the chatbot directly such as their latest salary slip, their remaining leaves, etc. The last and most important benefit of Automation in these challenging times is helping with employee wellness. In such a hard phase, everyone needs someone they can talk to and express their feelings. The Automated Bot chats with the employees and asks them personal and meaningful questions, just as any other human being would.



In conclusion, Mr. Kumar Siddhartha first stated the misconceptions about the Chatbot such as they can handle only simple user queries, they have complicated integration, etc. Mr. Kumar Siddhartha continues to add that the actual facts are that today’s connected world empowers chatbots to resolve internal issues and make the employees’ experience better.



Watch Mr. Kumar Siddhartha’s session below to get the best understanding of how automated chatbots can help HR.

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