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Job Offer Letter Template
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Offer Letter Format



<Company logo>                                                                                        <Company address>





<Employee name>
<Employee address>


Dear <Employee name>,

We refer to your application and the subsequent interview you had with us.
We are pleased to offer you an appointment with the Company as <Designation> in <Deaprtment name>, subject to your being found medically fit, on the following terms and conditions.


1. You will join as <Designation> and currently be posted at <Location>, but the Company reserves the rights to assign you work in such capacities and such places in India as the Company may decide from time to time.

2. Your consolidated basic salary will be Rs.    / (<in words> Only) per month. In addition to the basic salary you will be entitled to receive the following allowances only:


House Rent Allowance Monthly
PDA Monthly


Your gross total emoluments at the start will be Rs.   / (Rupees (<in words> Only). Your annual increments will not be automatic but will be dependent on your performance during the relevant year, as judged by the Management.

4. You will be on probation for a period of <Probation period> or longer at the discretion of the Company from the date of joining, during which period your services may be terminated by either side giving the <notice period>.

5. On satisfactory completion of the period of probation, you will be considered for confirmation in the Company. Kindly note that confirmation is dependant amongst others, on satisfactory performance during the period of probation, (as assessed by your department manager) and upon certification of physical fitness by the Company’s Medical Officer.

6. If the above offer is acceptable to you, you will be required to join our organization on or before <Date of joining>. As is the normal practice, a detailed letter of appointment will be issued to you on the day you join us.


Please let us have your acceptance on the duplicate copy of this letter.


You are requested to give us the names and addresses of two references, who are known to you. We will be writing to them for written references.
We look forward to a long term and mutually beneficial association.


Yours Faithfully,

For <Company Name>,


Authorised Signatory




I, ___________________________________, hereby accept and agree to the terms and conditions of employment contained in this letter of appointment.

Signature: _______________ Date:________________


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