It’s 2018, How Advance is your HCM Solution?

It’s 2018, How Advance is your HCM Solution?

It’s 2018, How Advance is your HCM Solution?

Every technology goes through a technology lifecycle and human capital management (HCM) solutions are no exception. Nowadays, HR departments are turning out to be independent bodies in organisations all over the globe. Increasingly emerging as an organisation’s core house, the human resources department is no longer confined to payroll processing and paper clips only. Today’s HR departments with the help of HCM payroll software solutions have paved their way into the boardroom driving decision-making process for organisations.

Nevertheless, for an organisation to reap the most from its HCM technology, it is imperative to keep the solution updated always. This is because and outmoded HR technology or system will simply drive your organisations to doomsday! Is your HCM solution up-to-date and advanced to help your HR department stay ahead of the curve? Find out here:

     1. Prompt Support and Customer Handholding

Yes, your HRMS provider ought to be best-in-class when it comes to customer handholding and support. In case of any doubts or questions, there shouldn’t be extensive FAQ scrolling and emails to figure out what you are looking for, as support ought to be available at fingertips. Pocket HRMS offers personalised support and attention to its patrons. Our dedicated customer support team ensures prompt resolutions.

     2. Real-time Analytics

In today’s cutthroat business ecosystem, it is the need of the hour for a business to make intuitive and smarter decisions to stay ahead in the race. Yes, a company’s sustainability strongly depends upon it. This is the reason your HR managers ought to receive real-time analytics and insights into key HR functions. It’s the era of real-time and powerful reporting to make sound business decisions.

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     3. 360-Degree Compliance 

Failing to comply with statutory compliance is cited as one of the most common and prevalent areas where HR departments tend to lag behind. Thereby, ensure that your HRMS solution automates and takes care of all the statutory reporting and filing. Full compliance means not missing deadlines and not exposing the organisation to heavy penalties and fines. Your HCM solution ought to be a pro when it comes to churning out automated workflows and sending out reminders/alerts for deadlines to ensure full statutory compliance.

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     4. Engagement 

Your HCM technology ought to excite and inspire your HR folks. If your solution is failing to do this, you are in for some bad news. Pocket HRMS understands the essence of HR when it comes to driving employee engagement. Thus, your HRMS solution ought to religiously offer employee self-service portal to empower your employees. The portal does this by allowing your staff to apply for day-offs, check tax details, update personal details, download payslips, etc. on the go. Eureka! Saves time and efforts for your HR department.     

     5. Simply Intelligent 

From hire to retire, your HCM solution should help address all the painpoints experienced by HR people. It should boast of a user-friendly interface with powerful and intelligent modules. Right from employee on-boarding to full and final settlement, the solution should accompany your HR folks across all these critical HR-employee stages.

When looking out for HCM solution providers, avoid employing the one with limited or outdated technologies or sub-standard support, as it can result in the kiss of death for your organisation. 

Why not schedule a call with Pocket HRMS? Our customer executive will quickly guide you through our all-inclusive HCM solution that not only empowers your HR, but also your staff. You can also reach us here or write to us at or simply SMS SAGE to 56767.


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