Is your Payroll department Ready to handle ‘Work From Home’ situation?

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work from home situation
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With the rising cases of coronavirus in the nation, working population in India has been forced to sit back at home and work remotely. Yes, WFH (work from home) remains no more unique and special as it used to be earlier. It has become a necessity for each worker.

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Also, it becomes a prime concern of the HR department to keep their employees safe from the disease ‘COVID-19’. Keeping everything in pace and ensuring business does not stop due to coronavirus outbreak, it is a prime duty of our HR to take health measures and if possible, adopt ‘Work from Home’ policy.

This may sound a good decision for many but are you ready to face further challenges? Is your payroll department strong and smart enough to keep everything in place? Can you guarantee error-free payroll to the remote-workers?

Here are few questions you need to ask your Payroll department before broadcasting WFH allowance-

  • How will you track remote employees?

  • How will you calculate total worked hours?

  • Are the employees able to punch In and Out through web?

  • What if an error occurs in punching system?

At the end, what majorly comes out is efficient payroll for each employee on cloud. In simple words, the need here is a cloud-based payroll software.

How can a payroll software help you tackle the ‘Work from Home’ situation amid COVID-19 alert?

  • With geo-tracking, the system lets your employees punch through their mobile phones accessing ESS self-service portal provided.

  • The cloud-based software automatically calculates total worked hours through first and last punches.

  • Cloud compatibility helps your people access or submit any information through web, provided they have internet.

  • If remote employees face any difficulty in attendance system, payroll software has regularization option for them.

Let’s face this universal disaster together. No burden is a burden until you have the right resource. Online payroll system is one of the best available tools for the departments at an enterprise to fight such situation.

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Disclaimer: Pocket HRMS and our writers do not claim any cure or precaution. The ways discussed above in the article do not claim to be the only solution for enterprises and individuals. Please do follow govt. and WHO guidelines for precautionary measures.

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