Is your manager biased while hiring? 4 Ways to Identify!

Is your manager biased while hiring? 4 Ways to Identify!
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Hiring good talent is itself a responsible and tough job. Before blaming them for being ‘biased’ or ‘partial’ at hiring, think well. It could be the subconscious decision.

Hiring managers have to go through plentiful resumes and screening a day to make the best selection before making the final call. This is where the darker side of our mind dominates. Every day, in fact, every moment you need to make decisions and that too in 1 or 2 seconds. Like the decision, you made to read this article. Was it right?

It happens with the managers too, while choosing a couple of candidates among dozens of applicants. The undetected factor(s) surrounding us makes us take decisions (or be biased sometimes). So, what are these factors?

Given below is a quick list of such influencing factors:

  • Snap decisions

No. 1 factor is the need for expeditious decisions. We, humans, are engrained so much to making quicker decisions due to such a fast-paced world that we ought to make mistakes. Also, intuition is something, which can lead to some unexpected results. Knowingly or unknowingly, managers tend to build an intuition about someone looking at their profile and later defend their biased decision.

  • Unrealistic expectations

This is what leads to make snap decisions. It happens when we bypass the standard interviewing procedure and stand at our unreal expectations and assumptions. This factor then keeps on passing the capable candidates without any good reason. Often the assumption is made through the employee who left and whose position is to be filled.

For e.g. If the previous employee was good at sports (luckily) and made his team win many titles at the recent sports competition, then the new joinee is also expected to be good at sports, which is just unreal!

  • Physique inclined

Also, there might be an added advantage to those good-looking aspirants, because humans generally are inclined towards people who look good according to them or are handsome / beautiful. As mentioned earlier, the hardwired brains of humans / HM (hiring manager) force them to make decisions in preference to physical appearance of the applicants. Face palm!

  • Conventional hiring

Being conventional or making stereotype decisions based on characteristics like caste, religion, gender, generation gap or any discriminative factor could be called as being biased or unfair. The discrimination blindfold on hiring managers could lose you many potential employees.

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Hence, if you encounter any of these, save your workplace. But why should we be worried about the hiring bias? Because of the equal rights? Well, that is obvious. However, there is also something other than this, which could prove beneficial to you / your business as well. Workplace diversity!

Hiring professionals need to tailor the recruitment programs if any biasing nature is detected.

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