Introduction to HR Letters

Pocket HRMS Guide - Introduction To HR Letters
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The objective of the HR Letters module is to generate the letters that are used day-to-day by the HR department of any organisation. Various letter templates can be created by using this module since there are no restrictions on the number of templates that can be created. The templates can be created with a rich editor that caters to various styles and fonts.


The data required for the letters can be collected from the Employee Master and related tables. The generated letters can be printed out in A4 size or emailed to employees in PDF format.


Pocket HRMS Advantage

  • We can directly send the letters to employees from the system using the ‘Send Email’ button.
  • We can also download the letters and share hard copies with the employees.
  • We can save all the letters in the ‘Employee Document’ option, and the employee also can view their letters in their own ESS Portal.
  • We can send the letters in bulk and download them in bulk using the system.


Creating a Template

A template can be saved with any name, such as ‘Appointment Letter’, ‘Relieving Letter’, etc. The letter’s content can be entered in the Rich Text Format (RTF) box provided for the body of the letter.


The required data fields can be easily picked from the handy list on the right side of the page. For example, clicking on ‘Master’ would show all the master fields available in payroll, and the ‘Special’ would show the date and the time fields if those values need to be used in the template.


HR Letters (1)


The font, size, style and other formatting buttons are available on the top of the RTF box for the user to choose to help them customise the template as per their requirements.


The template would be saved permanently and can be reused whenever required and deleted at any point in time.


The Admin can create and edit HR Letter templates by following the path: Settings > HR > HR – Letter.


Viewing, Printing and E-mailing

The template created with Pocket HRMS can be used whenever a letter needs to be sent to a candidate or employee. The entire list of templates that the user creates would be shown on the ‘HR – Letter’ page, and they can select any template to view by clicking on the ‘Edit’ icon.


To view the final letter, the user needs to follow the path: Employee Menu > Documents > Select Category > Select Template > Select Employee (for a particular employee) > Download.


Clicking on the ‘Send Mail’ button would send the email to the employee if any employee’s name is entered. If selection is used and the data is selected, the letters can either be printed or emailed, depending on the option chosen by the user.



By following the paths above, you will be able to create and download HR Letters using the system. Creating HR letter templates and sending them using the system becomes easy with the help of Pocket HRMS.


For viewing more step-by-step guides on Pocket HRMS, click here.

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