When acing a job interview, pitching yourself perfectly to the recruiter is one of the core things to do. This is because a foolish answer that makes you look like a poor fish would simply snatch the job away from you. Though ‘practice makes you perfect’ may sound the most appropriate adage when it comes to nailing a job interview, there are few common questions that you need to tackle diligently to land that dream job.

Here are four questions that candidates often fumble at during job interviews. Yes, you ought to be super-cautious when answering these commonly asked interview questions, as it’s not only your curriculum vitae or resume that matters.

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Question 1: Why didn’t you complete your graduation?

Common answer: Answer is mostly an emotional response with common reasons including family problems, financial distress, etc.

How to better answer it: Recall the exact reason that made you ditch your studies. In fact, candidates must talk about the amount of personal growth gained from the decision et al. without delving into emotional matters. You should talk about the experience earned and lessons learned from your decision of opting out from graduation.

Question 2: What’s the reason for leaving your current employer?

Common answer: Often, candidates intend to talk about the misfortunes of their ex-employer, disagreements with management, the company was going to the rocks, etc., which simply isn’t the way to go here.

How to better answer it: Candidates ought to cleverly steer the conversation and address their cravings for professional and personal growth that the new company can help achieve. Badmouthing your previous or current company clearly gives an indication that you would do the same to your future employer as well. Remember, recruiters and HR managers, test your judgment and trustworthiness with this question.

Question 3: Introduce yourself or tell me more about yourself?

Common answer: Most candidates start flabbergasting about my name is …. or I was born …. or I studied from ….

How to better answer it: Even though this question sounds a lot personal, it is not in reality. Remember, this question offers a window into the life of a candidate and renders the candidate with an opportunity to talk about his/her achievements and successes. Here, the candidate should grab this opportunity and voice out his/her timeline walking the interviewer through the salient points mentioned in the resume. A precise narration or anecdote of your career achievements and future plans would be great here.

Addressing these three questions in a tactful and shrewd manner would drive you more and more close to landing your dream job.

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