Importance Of Technology In HR Management

Importance Of Technology In HR Management
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The way we work in every field has been transformed with the boom of information technology in every field. Human resource management has now made the functions more efficient with the latest HR technology. Good HR technology examples can be processes like recruitment, data processing, attendance management, salary processing and much more. Technology improves accuracy and saves a lot of time. There are so many aspects in any business that need better attention and time. Human resource management is filled with administrative as well as strategic work. Things like attendance management, keeping up with the regulations and the salary process can eat up all the time. These are just administrative tasks even though they are very important. Doing all these things manually means there is no time for more productive work. The scope of human errors can’t be avoided.


The terms HR & technology can’t be kept separate for long. Technology is must be needed aspect to stay on par with the world. It simplifies the processes. The way human resource management can communicate with their employees makes so many things easier. The simple advantage can be used to conduct various programs to increase the productivity of the organization. Not utilizing the newer technology means being engulfed in paperwork all the time. There will not be any time left for initiatives like the employee recognition programs. Today workforce expects much more from HR than just official papers. Working at the place where human resource is limited to such things can make them feel insecure for their job. They do not have anyone to go to resolve their issues. There are so many ways that technology directly or indirectly affects the bottom line of the business. Following are a few points to highlight the importance of HR technology



  • Value for Money

We can’t deny the importance of technology in the field of human resources. Some HR technology like payroll and attendance management is very cost-effective. Corporates understand the importance of such tools and invest in them for better productivity. The HR tools are very cost-effective as they can perform a task that takes multiple people to do the job. And we still can’t ignore the possibility of mistakes. These small errors can cost the company legal action. There are so many regulations around the taxations and benefits which might be difficult to keep up. All these processes can be auto-scheduled to ensure that there are no delays or mistakes. A mistake in payroll or a delay may not necessarily lead to legal action but still affects the trust that employee puts in the organization.



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  • Time-saver

When it comes to competition time can literally be equivalent to money. The more time is saved from the unavoidable paperwork the more time is available for productive work. For HR talent acquisition and leadership development can be as important as recruitment. When all the time is consumed in the clerical work there is not enough left to ensure the best candidates are in the organization at every level. The lack of time asks for compromises on the skill sets of new members and hasty decisions. This may seem ok at the moment but in the long run, the organization suffers from the unskilled workforce as well as leadership. With enough time and tools at hand, this can be completely avoided. First, there is a set of right candidates through talent management for important positions. The leadership and onboarding programs can be conducted. These things are necessary to have the best candidates and ensure that the efforts are aligned with organizational goals.



  • Accessible

Technology today is very accessible. HR can take a look at the attendance of the entire year in a mobile app. There is no need to make and maintain multiple folders of excel sheets or paper files anymore. The human resource department, higher management and staff member can have access to the different features in the same software. Most of this data is auto processed and used where it is required. It saves a lot of time when many people are involved. Like application of the leave and the approval can be done using tools on mobile phones or a desktop. The same information in the attendance can be accessed by HR while salary processing in seconds.



  • Effective Hiring

Previously hiring process heavily relied on paper applications or telephonic calls. This was a very tedious process as every resume needed to be read and categorized according to needs. There were instances where an important application was missing. This was very time consuming and all the records have to be maintained in physical files that needs more effort and space. Nowadays with digitalization, most companies use online job portals to find candidates. Here HR gets to learn much more through the profile than a standard resume. It is also much easier to sort and eliminate the applications through the software.


The recruitment process aims to get the best candidates on board for the positions. There is not always time to go through each application. A software that can sort these and give the list of top applicants saves a lot of valuable time. The recruitment process can be designed to ensure that the values and skills which a company looking for are among the selected people. Technology also allows reaching a wider set of people. The company can use the portals to reach the top talent who might not have already applied. This way it saves a lot of time and makes sure that the right people are included in the staff.



  • Data Management

There is always plenty of data that human resource management has to deal with. This can be as said above the applications and the details of the candidates. There is data at various for attendance, working hours, payroll, taxation etc. data management and analysis are also very important parts of employee performance management. This data may it be an individual employee or of the organization as a whole give very valuable insights to the management for important decisions. Not only managing all this data is very time consuming it can be a source of stress to HR. The same data can be analyzed according to different criteria and need using data processing tools. This eliminates the possibility of errors in the analysis. There will not be issues of miscalculation or duplication.



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This data comes in handy for the programs like employee recognition or performance review. It increases trust and credibility when the decisions are made based on analysis by reliable tools. It also increases transparency as the same data can be presented to support the decision if some kind of conflict arises in the future. The analysis is quick and it is always available with a few clicks. The records are maintained automatically and can be accessed more easily than physical files. It improves the morale of employees too as they can trust the company for the privacy of their data with the modern data security features.



  • Ease in Communication

We live in the world of globalization where people from a few different countries work not just for the same company but the same project. Fast and efficient communication in such cases can be crucial. The implementation of the decisions may it be at the organization level or a team level is important. For this efficient communication is important. A simple e-mail by HR can reach all the employees with the message. For those things that need further discussion or clarification a video call is another option. There are no limitations of geography when there are the right tools at use. Various channels of communication can be used to reach the employees whenever there is a need.


It is equally useful to the workforce as they can reach HR when they need to. Keeping the communication open and smooth makes it easier to resolve any issues. Problems do not stay neglected until they form a disaster. Management gets the early information and it can be resolved sooner. The employees feel important and empowered to be able to communicate which is good for overall organizational culture and productivity.




Technology is important for human resources like any other field today. It increases the accuracy and efficiency of the processes. A lot of valuable time can be saved when a company invest in HR tools. This time can be utilized for other productive work. Having time at hand means the selection of the right workforce and leadership. The hiring process can be so much efficient with wider reach and more opportunities to get the talent. That application that does not fit can be eliminated before reading them. Data management and analysis gives a strategic advantage to make more informed decisions. Technology also helps to build better office culture through communication channels. HR technology significantly contributes to the bottom line indirectly. Organizations have learned that it is wise to invest in HR technology.



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