Impact of Company Culture on Employee Motivation

Impact of Company Culture on Employee Motivation
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With arising competition and demands of the millennials, company culture has become very important than ever!


Company culture can be anything from its brand to current employee personas. Not just payslips with great numbers but also work relations and behavior shapes company culture. “Reality is the matter of perception” – stands true especially in cases of company culture.


A company culture not only affects employee turnover but also improves hiring, peer behaviors, work productivity, business, etc. Employee motivation is one of them.



Toxic Work Culture – The thing no one talks about!



A powerful culture can be very useful at attracting a great pool of talent and improve workforce performance. Strategic moves to engaging employees can be a proven weapon to improve retention and business. The benefits of healthy work culture is easy to pen down.


What about the impacts?


Below are the top 3 impacts of company culture on employees:


Employee engagement

Important HR function like employee motivation makes it mandatory to develop practices for the engaging workforce for an improved outcome. How does a work culture helps develop employee engagement?



  • Communication

Companies with good communication and transparency at management, keep employees motivated, and always welcome their opinions and ideas. When employees are heard and attended, you get to see results like improved attendance, employee morale, and retention. Such company culture also leads to great participation, creativity, and innovation.



  • Branding

When employees feel secure and motivated at a place, they ought to stay. Indirect communications like branding terms such as safety, friendly, etc. could help create a virtual positive environment or say culture.



Employee performance

How does the company culture impact an employee’s performance? To have the biggest competitive advantage, an organization’s work culture must be strong, within reach, and reinforced. Easy communication is a basic need.


Strong company culture also gives good opportunities for employees to grow. Employee training program, performance appraisal and self-service could help you in employee motivation – which in turn, improves business’ performance.


Employee satisfaction

This can be extremely beneficial during a competitive hiring environment. Candidates are much more interested in signing and staying with a company where culture promotes flexibility, supports employee development, and offers work-life balance and similar perks. It is all about understanding people and their interests.


Improving employee satisfaction through a strong and supportive company culture can reduce unwanted hiring costs and training expenses.


Developing and keeping a good work culture is undoubtedly a very good asset to boosting business outcomes. Be where people are. Intuitive HR solutions with integrated employee management software and empowering solutions can make HR management very easy and fruitful.



Pocket HRMS is one such solution. Do check our business and HR solutions to enhance your productivity. Contact us here for a FREE trial. Also, you can write to us at


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