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As simple as it looks, writing a CV probably might be the toughest thing next to writing your exam papers. Writing a resume is definitely an art that allows you to make a lasting impression on your employer’s mind and giving you the push through the door.


However, as important as a CV is, it is also the most overlooked by a candidate. Most freshers resort to copying the style of their friends or siblings, downloading from the internet and even begging their elder siblings to make a CV for them. However, like mentioned above, writing a CV is an art and needs to be given more thought. Following are some of the common / memorable mistakes that a candidate makes on their CV. Read to know if you are in the list:


  • Objective of Career/ Life: Its literally copy pasted! Thousands of candidate have the same objective “to get a job which can enhance their skill and give them the career growth they require.” Be original, creative, funny even or avoid mentioning the objective altogether if not sure. DO NOT COPY PASTE.


  • Different font and alignment: This is unforgivable. How difficult is it to just have the document in the same font? As unbelievable as it sounds, this is one of the most common mistakes that can be found on a CV. The second glaring mistake is that of alignment. Please take some time in understanding how to keep everything aligned and appear decent. Even choosing a legible font is necessary. DO not use cursive fonts.


  • Clear Year and Dates: Many people especially freshers have unclear dates and experiences written. Some do not even mention it. You can modify the CV according to different employers so that you do not miss an opportunity due to a small mistake.


  • Hobbies: Mention reading and writing only if you do it. Do not mention hobbies that you do not indulge in. It will only seem pretentious and will not have a good impression on the employer.


  • Unprofessional Email IDs: Yes, small things like email IDs matter. You cannot have an email ID like Before going job hunting, make a new ail ID for yourself, which contains your proper name.


  • Length: A CV is supposed to be crisp describing your experiences and achievements. Do not make it lengthy until necessary. For some positions, you would require to mention details of all your previous projects. Do not engage in making a lengthy CV. One pager should suffice.


These were just some that we could write down. If you have more, share with us on our Twitter, FB or LinkedIn page.



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