HRMS solution – What are their Benefits During Lockdown?

HRMS solution
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The headline coronavirus pandemic has made companies and employees to work from home and follow social distancing. For the nation, the civil force and paramedical staff have been the front-line heroes in saving lives and ensuring guidelines are followed. Similarly, for businesses, HR has been the frontline during lockdown.


Whether it is a small business or fortune companies, intuitive HR system like the HRMS solution helps grow your outcome and develop overall performance.


Wondering how HRMS solution can be beneficial during lockdown? Read below-


  • Employee engagement with Self-service

Employees working from home may suffer loneliness with long remote working and no actual team present around you. Integrated self-service portal helps you eliminated such issues. Automated notifications and event reminders keep you connected with the organisation.


Also, it helps employees send leave requests and check HR/ manager details through mobile itself. Easy leave management through ESS portal makes remote workforce management swift.



  • Timesheet reports

Online HRMS tool brings in own set of benefits to remote employee handing and employee experience. Timesheet management helps in tracking an employee’s work with respect to time to measure productivity of remote worker.


Timesheet reports can be easily generated through the system and later be used during payroll.



  • Online payroll

Online payroll solution lets you not worry about remote employees’ monthly payroll. Online attendance management and complaint nature of HRMS makes payroll fool-proof and accurate.




  • Easy Time tracking

Online attendance and time tracking module makes hour calculation precise and later the generated report helps commit payroll with right data in hands. Timely payroll makes remote attendance management successful during period like lockdown.


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