HR Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

HR Trends to Watch Out for in 2022
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Hybrid Work Model


Working remotely was a necessity during the pandemic, but employees prefer to work from remote locations. Working from outside, the office is a trend now and is likely to continue after the pandemic in 2022. Employees seek flexibility and voice their needs.


A hybrid work model seems like a suitable solution. Employers have to allow employees to work from home to some extent and also from the office. The work schedule is likely to be split into these two working conditions. Many recruiters around the globe believe that it can decrease employee turnover and increase employee retention.


This will be a major shift in the workplace model and HR will need to adapt and adjust the operations. This involves interviews, onboarding and working with the workforce that is not physically present. This can be challenging, as the HR team will be also working in a hybrid model. To sustain such change they need a robust cloud-based HRMS software that offers the efficiency and the necessary flexibility as well. To connect the team working remotely technology is what organizations have to rely on.


We all have tested the hybrid work model and its efficiency during the pandemic. Traditional 9-5 can no longer be the standard anymore as most employees prefer the hybrid model.



Search for Talent Internally


One of the surprising trends to look at in 2022 is the internal talent hunt. The Increasing number of organizations focus on the talent that is already present in the workforce rather than looking for it elsewhere. We are witnessing a higher rate of internal promotions than we ever did before.


One of the factors causing this shift is huge unemployment because of the pandemic. But the major cause is the tighter talent market and falling retention rates. The companies trying to increase employee retention. Leading human resource department to design the programs for the same. They need to motivate employees to stay longer with incentives and also identify the candidates for promotions.


Human resources now look inward when in need of new talent. This shift from searching for candidates in a new role from outside to keeping tap on the present workforce for the same needs HR to come up with a strong strategy.


A good internal mobility program can give an opportunity to the employees to work in more challenging roles than their current positions. HR can track their performances to identify the right talent for various roles including leadership. This makes sure the supply of talent even when the talent market is more competitive and higher retention rate.




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Up-skilling the Employees


With the pandemic the work culture has changed on many levels, not just the way we work but what we see as important for that work. The skills have always been in demand as organizations emphasize that during their hiring process. During the pandemic where more people were losing their jobs and companies were trying to retain as many employees as they can, we saw the new trend.


Irrespective of the job roles that people were recruited for, HR and managers moved them to the roles where they need them and possess the necessary skill set. This made better use of the skills that employees already have. Employees managed to keep their jobs and companies succeed to fulfil their needs during the hiring freeze.


We see this similar trend continuing in 2022 too. With the rapid technological growth that we are going through, the lifespan of skills needed for the role has shortened. HR was always looking for candidates with newer technical skills for more advanced jobs. Now we value the possessed skillset more than certificates. HR’s and higher management these days prefer to upskill the employees in the firm rather than constantly searching for it on the outside. Employees also prefer to work in companies where they can get to learn new skills and have more prospects of growth.


HR now focuses on designing learning and development programs. The upcoming trend for this is learning while you work model. Where employees gain the skills and practice them in small packets. This makes them skilled for their next role.



Performance Management


Many companies find that their annual performance review does not add much value to the performance. The same goes for the employees, they do not think that getting feedback once a year is good enough. This makes the human resource team look for a reliable performance management system to support the continuous performance management strategy.


Once a year review portraits very limited aspects of the work done by the employees. Many feel that this feedback would be more helpful if they are given in real-time. This way it is much easier to correct the mistakes and implement a better strategy or approach to the work to improve productivity.


Annual work appraisals fail to show the complete picture. Even if it includes feedback from coworkers and superiors, the nature of the review still revolves around the recall events and the development of recent times. The achievement and mistakes at the beginning or in midst of the year seem to fade away. Many times this makes employees feel that their efforts are under-appreciated and decreases employee satisfaction.


Employees expect to get feedback and guidance continuously. They seek regular one-to-one meetings with their managers for the same. Managers are expected to provide guidance for work as well as necessary skills to advance in the career. Management and the HR team have to come up with the procedure to make continuous performance management a part of regular practice at the workplace.



Employee Management


To support the emerging hybrid work model companies need an employee management system. With our increasing dependence on technology, the management software is also improving to give better assistance. The system based on the cloud gives better connectivity to the workforce. The HR teams aim to improve employee engagement, streamline HR processes for the new work environment and build a better organization to improve retention.


The centralized database causes faster and more efficient workflow. Human resource management thrives to stay on the right foot starting from the employee onboarding with a good management system. Most of the regular tedious functions are also automated saving a lot of time. Employees get the HR assistance they need, making them feel valued at work and they are likely to stay longer and perform better in the company.




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Focusing on Employee Wellness


The pandemic also made organizations realize the importance of their employees. The human resource management department is concerned about the wellness of the workforce more than ever before. This includes not only physical wellbeing but also mental health, the aspect that we need today.


During the pandemic, most of the employees went through some kind of stress all over the world. This started with adjusting to new work conditions at our home, fear of losing jobs to worry about the health of family and escalated to dealing with the loss of people in our life. This stress is not good for physical health as well as work performance.


HR teams are trying to design programs to protect the employee from physical illness, exposure to germs as well as mental health. The organizations trying to find out ways to identify employees who are dealing with some kind of stress or mental health issue to provide them much needed assistance. Come up with the strategy to motivate people to seek help whenever they need it and encourage them to take part in programs to improve physical fitness.


Perks and Benefits


The pandemic has also changed the way we all look at the perks and benefit from employers. Most organizations in 2022 are likely to redesign their benefits to make them more desirable to the changed perspective of employees. Many have already adjusted their compensation and benefits for the trend which is likely to stay for long.


Employees no longer value the tangible perks like free snacks and games or exercise sessions the same. They desire more sustainable benefits that add to the quality of their life. Employees constantly seek to achieve better work-life balance and no more want to be confined in the office building. The benefits like paid time off, parental leave and mental as well as physical health assistance are more preferred.


With the massive shift of focus on the work-life balance, flexibility in working time is among the most desired perks that employees seek in the job. Most of the workforce today want to experience life more closely, travel more often and spend less time in the office space. Employees seek a more relaxed work environment along with small comforts like casual attire. HR and management need to pay attention to these trends in 2022 to attract and retain talent in the firm.





Pandemic has changed the way we used to work and also what employees seek in a job. Employees now focus on work-life balance and seek a hybrid work model over the traditional 9-5 structure. They want to spend more time working from outside the office than inside and being appropriately recognized for their inputs. Organizations and HR are making their benefits and perks more flexible and inclined toward employee well-being. Employees seek more paid time off, flexibility and small perks to make working more comfortable. Up-skilling and looking for talent inward is a new way of building a workforce. Human resource management is working to make employee management a continuous and more meaningful practice. HR has to watch these trends closely in 2022 and make strategies for the same.



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