HR Trends in 2022 and Beyond: Where can it go from here?

HR Trends in 2021 and Beyond: Where can it go from here?
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Since we have finally arrived in 2022, tech and business predictions start to pour in for the next year and beyond. Talking about business, one cannot imagine any enterprise without an HR department, as it is the human resources department that oversees a company’s most vital asset i.e. its employees. Here’s what HR can expect throughout 2022 and beyond:


1. Employee Well-Being

A healthy workplace is sure to breed a productive and energetic workforce. Thus, creating a safe, healthy and positive work ambiance was and would remain the top priority for HR across the world. A happy workplace results in improved employee performance, reduced leaves and curbs productivity problems largely. Human resource leaders could mull over the following practices or measures to safeguard employee well-being:


  • Raising and creating awareness to discuss about mental well-being
  • Involve employees in key decision-making processes
  • Integrate protocols for mental well-being throughout HR policies
  • Introducing stress management assistance and programs


2. Workplace Flexibility

Workplace flexibility is something that enables employees to succeed in their work whilst fulfilling and meeting personal commitments as well. Several of these changes can be attributed to mobile and cloud technology. As such, the next-gen HR would greatly rely upon and leverage the use of cloud based HRMS solutions to execute key human resource management chores. Future HR would have to endeavor to create flexible workplaces in order to achieve the following:


  • Improved cost-efficiency
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Increased employee commitment and morale
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Retention
  • Reduced employee turnover


 3. Workforce Engagement

Employee engagement sits at the intersection of trust, reliability and two-way communication between employees and the management. Unfortunately, businesses don’t understand the significance of employee engagement when it comes to driving employee performance, productivity and overall growth. This is the reason human resources would have to play a pivotal role here to help businesses understand the essence of workforce engagement. It’s time business leaders bust the common employee engagement myths.      



4. Digital HR & Recruitment

The more time it takes to fill up a vacant position, the more money a business would lose. Technology has penetrated almost every aspect of our lives and social media has turned into a huge hub of information that HR people can tap to hunt for potential talents. Yes, social media for recruitment is real and is garnering immense applauds in the human resource space. With more than half the population of the world on social media, it’s time for HR to be where the world is. Some of the prominent digital recruitment methods are:


  • Online assessment of candidates
  • Employer branding via social platforms
  • Adoption of mobile apps
  • Video interviews
  • Networking


5. Tapping Big Data

Big Data is all about gaining vital insights from huge pools of data. It refers to the exponential and gigantic volumes of transactional, employee and customer data generated in a business. In the case of HR, businesses do tend to have huge chunks of employees or candidate-related data. So the nexus of HR and Big Data can help assess and enhance practices such as employee retention, talent acquisition, performance review, etc.


This is the reason why it’s time for HR to get their heads into Big Data. Though these five top trends will continue to reshape the human resource arena, it would still have to practice old-school tricks such as conducting frequent surveys to help figure out factors that drive retention and the ones that make the employees stay.



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