With a steep rise in the number of millennials and connected people dominating the workforce these days, businesses and recruitment experts are fast-moving their hiring process online. This trend has coined a new term known as e-recruitment.

Hiring the right candidate is more of a riddle for HR personnel these days, as there are a good number of candidates out there and thus, finding the top-notch ones becomes a nerve-wracking task.

Here are some tips to help you nail at online recruitment.

1. Online Job Portals: More than 50% of businesses post job requirements on multiple job portals. Moreover, most of these businesses report good results. However, for a novice HR person, it is advisable to do it in a thorough and professional manner, or else you will end up shoving top talents. A nice addition here would be if the HR personnel of the company could confirm the receipt of all the job applications.

Send out ‘thank you’ e-mails to candidates for their interest in the job and company followed by a notification mail informing them about further steps.

2. Company Website: Yes, a company’s official website is the very first point of contact for everyone. Make sure that the website renders a virtual walk-in type feel to potential candidates. Keep the navigation minimal and quick.

The careers page ought to convey the available job openings, job descriptions, benefits offered, company culture, testimonials of current or past employees, etc.

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3. Social Networks: Many professional social networks such as LinkedIn make use of mutual connections to reach out to a huge chunk of proficient and potential candidates, who might be looking out for better opportunities. In addition, you can run campaigns on other popular social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

The campaigns should give the gist of the work culture at your company and just talk about how you run the show. It’s time for HR personnel and employers to be where the candidates are.

4. Blogs: One of the budget-friendly ways to spread the word about new job openings at your company. This is an excellent way to widen your reach since blog links tend to get shared a lot. Also, regular blogging instills a human touch to your entire hiring campaign. Keep churning out blogs and keep sharing them on your social profiles to create the buzz.

So you see, recruitment has become a different ballgame altogether these days thus, it’s time to shun those traditional methods and embrace new and innovative means to lock-in the right talents for your company.

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