Employees spend more than 40-45 hours a week at their workplaces. Not only this, more than half of these employees work for extended hours to climb up the corporate ladder. Now when the workload keeps piling up, stress levels do tend to surge. This is when employees start showing distressing signs of burnouts at workplace. Yes, burnouts take a toll on both employers and employees, as employers endure from plummeting productivity levels, whereas employees tend to look out for new opportunities for a better work environment.

Though curbing employee stress levels to boost productivity might sound like a ‘PARADOX’, but it is certainly not an impossible feat to achieve. Here’s how:

     1. A workplace wellness program won’t do any good alone, as you ought to customize it!

Run a survey to understand the diverse objectives and goals of employees. Whilst having an in-house gym might sound like an obvious coup towards strengthening your wellness program, often the small things make a huge impact such as stocking up fresh snacks at the coffee junction.

Here are 10 easy ways to achieve workplace wellness!

     2. Get rid of distractions from the workplace

Yes, workplace distractions often obstruct employees from giving their optimum best. Noises and disturbances from co-workers are the top distractors cited by most of the employees. Here, employers ought to provide a range of workspaces that are favourable to various work types including serene and private spaces for improved focus at work. On the other hand, for group discussions and collaborations, spacious areas should do the trick.

     3. Arm your people with the right technology and tools to excel at their jobs

Right set of technology and tools can go a long way in helping an organisation become efficient and agile. Unfortunately, a number of businesses fail to give their employees access to tools. For instance, arming HR people with an automated or cloud based payroll software can eliminate payroll redundancies making the entire process efficient.

     4. Encourage breaks and provide workplace perks

The HR and management ought to devise a work culture that encourages employees to take short breaks and frequent office gatherings to drive engagement. Employees do tend to become more productive after a break.

     5. Make them feel valued and heard

Employees crave for recognition that can in turn boost workplace morale. In fact, recognition can rejuvenate employees, boost motivation, and improve confidence and productivity. In addition, employers ought to have an open door work culture wherein employees get to speak and be heard. Remember employees do feel good when valued, acknowledged and heard.

So these are few simple yet effective ways to overcome the dilemma of workplace productivity paradox. To know how a cloud based HRMS solution can help you manage your people in a much better and efficient manner, contact us. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at sales@sagesoftware.co.in or give us a shout out at Twitter or Facebook.


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