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Yes, measuring and scaling up things can help you track your efforts. Otherwise, how could you know what is working for you and what’s not?

Suppose, your sales team has recently kicked off their new vertical with some investment in it. The objective here to see a growth in company revenue. Now, how should we conclude that the investment here is worth it?

Of course, measuring!

Tracking the ROI and major parameters/ resources helps you learn better. This opens your opportunities wider. Today, in this blog we will be discussing 8 trendy statistics in recruitment AKA hiring that your recruiting manager must know in 2021.

Having said that the year 2021 is quite challenging after a downfall in the previous year, hiring the top talent/ talent acquisition is quite necessary. Let’s quickly go through HR statistics on recruitment to prepare you for the year 2021-

Top 8 HR statistics for 2021-


  • Around 75 percent of employees say that employer reputation plays an important role in job satisfaction


Yes, brand reputation affects an applicant’s choice. A potential candidate would choose to apply for the vacancy at your company if the brand is better. What makes your brand big? CSR activities, employee experience, social media activities, etc. could be some major assets to build a better brand reputation.

  • Almost 1/3rd of employees quit the organization due to outdated software at a place

And, why not? Employees feel it worthless too, again and again, fill their name, employee ID, punch IN time (accurate), and similar things every day in every morning. They feel it mundane to reach out to their manager for leave requests. This is awkward at the same time too.

Imagine an automated employee management software in the place. Employee attendance management software could help you log and store the data as soon as employee punches on the integrated biometric machine. The software also helps them apply for leaves through their mobile phone and track reimbursements.

  • After COVID-19 came into force, around 71 percent of employees incorporated remote hiring methods

Remote hiring may involve online interviews, online self-service portal for document and onboarding, online training strategy, and so on. Year 2021 and further would see a major rise in adoption of online training software and similar employee tools to support remote working.

  • Employee retentions seems challenging for more than 45 percent of HR people

Incorporate better employee engagement strategies to retain your top performing workforce. Hiring the required employee is tough in today’s calendar. Invest more in retention. There are several employee experience tools available to develop better motivate workforce.

  • More than 90 percent of employees have stated that companies that have incorporated mental health wellness programs show empathy

Health management templates or frequent surveys through employee self-service portal can help you learn about your employees. Tracking employee health is very necessary to keep the production running.

  • Around 43 percent of professionals stated that flexible working hours lead to less stress and improve employee health
  • 80 percent of candidates state that even a single mistake during the application process can change their minds.

Never ever give the chance. Adopt the best onboarding solution. New age online employee training solution or application system (ATS software) can help develop your first impression and guarantee you first 6 months of them.

  • More than 50 percent of HR people cited that a company with no automated HR management solution cannot perform well during remote working.

Every HR professional’s dream – a cloud-based HRMS software. The year 2020 has already seen a spike in subscriptions of HR software due to the increasing need for remote working and employee tracing. So, will continue for further years including 2021.

Long? Short – A promising online HR system can help you better more than half of your numbers with the first few weeks of adoption. A futuristic HRMS software is the future. Now over to you!

There you go with 8 eye-opening HR metrics to help you better your 2021. Want to learn more about how Pocket HRMS can help boost your business performance and HR? Read our recent HR management blogs here.

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