The proverb “change is the only thing constant” was never been more prevalent than in today’s business ecosystem, be it any industry or sector. The business ecosystem is witnessing radical and seismic shifts in the form of downsizing, recession, restructuring, etc. reshaping the way organizations are managing people. This is the reason why employee retention is more important than ever for HR. These seismic shifts are often accompanied by fear, insecurity, self-denial, or riddle among employees.

To counteract this dilemma, an effective employee management system or strategy becomes a must. Here are some tricks that HR ought to accentuate upon:

  • Firstly, HR leaders and managers ought to focus on retaining the culture. Change is sure to invite a sense of anxiety and uncertainty among the workforce triggering lot of negative vibes. The secret to retaining a great office culture is all about knowing how your employees perceive their roles/jobs, management hierarchy, and organizational communication.
  • One-on-one sessions with employees work great during organizational change. In fact, it renders an amazing platform to interact with the staff. TGIF is a fantastic initiative that can help bridge the underlying gap between management and employees. Did I mention, boost in employee engagement?
  • Transparent and lucid communication is intrinsic. This is because poor or inferior communication is one of the key driving forces behind failing productivity. Thus, HRs need to make sure that they have a proper and clear communication strategy in place especially during the organizational change.
  • Communicating the vision and reason for the change is the key here. HRs ought to ensure including the top management to address all the concerns, fears, and questions of employees.
  • One of the greatest pitfalls of organisational change is neglecting the importance of explaining the employees about their roles.

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  • It is of paramount importance to retain the best employees during an organisational change and this is where companies and management often fail. Organisational change triggers more of behavioural issues among employees than technical ones.
  • For instance, when downsizing, it is imperative for HRs to keep in mind the psychological demands of employees. This calls to focus towards creating a fair workplace environment, which would also help for future recruitment.
  • Employees do tend to get fret by the stress of downsizing. The fear can be in the form of job insecurity. Thus, during the change, HR managers ought to go beyond the usual to retain best talents by being communicative and fair in their interactions.

Unfortunately, most of the businesses today lack the or rather undervalue the expertise and skill to deal with organisational change. Nevertheless, with the right planning and skill-sets, an organisation can sail smooth throughout the change whilst retaining the best of the talents and HRs undoubtedly play a pivotal here.

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