The wake of coronavirus AKA COVID-19 has brought up a huge set of challenges to HR. Suddenly, tons of companies were forced to work remotely. this had a direct impact on the national economy and the HR industry. Managing people became difficult with the lack of preparation.

What are the common challenges faced by HR during remote workforce management?

  • Managing workflow
  • Work productivity
  • Attendance tracking
  • Communication
  • Recruitment
  • Disengaged workforce, etc.

On the other hand, there is no more need to worry. This blog has got some best tips for the HR people to overcome your remote working challenges.

Here are a few tips to manage your remote workforce:

  • Online timesheet management software

A workflow management solution like timesheets can help you stay productive throughout remote work. HR need not worry about employees’ work. Online timesheet management software provides accurate work details of employees with hourly details.

Integrated timesheet with an HRMS solution makes the workflow smooth and easily manageable.

  • Online recruitment module

Online recruitment software makes your hiring easy and fast. Easy generation of templates, scheduling interviews, applicant tracking, and similar features make online recruitment software a great pick for organisations.

You can take a tentative round of candidate through video call for their basic details and skills. Before finalizing, you can make them submit an assignment. This will help you ensue their skills on field.

  • Video chats

To ensure an engaged workforce throughout remote working, you can conduct video calls with peers. Communication through keypad won’t be that effective. Frequent or weekly meets/ discussions through video call can help better.

This will actually connect them with the company and ensure engagement.

  • Self-service portal

Self-service modules are another asset to making remote workforce management easier. Through ESS portal, employees can stay up to date with company announcements, events, HR details, etc. employees can themselves apply for leave and download reports through mobile phone.

These are the best possible tips to win successful remote team management. Try implementing them in real life. Pocket HRMS is a new-age HR software with in-built intuitive employee management modules. Connect us for more details –


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