One of the biggest criticisms endured by the HR department is that they involve themselves in rhetoric talks and are good for nothing. This is a sheer misconception and a false statement, which has led other professionals to believe that HR department is detrimental for a business. This is simply not the truth.

This article talks about five ways the human resources department can add real and tangible value to a business irrespective of its size or the industry it is operating into.

1. Foresee Sales Performance: Yes, human resource professionals can very much predict the sales performance using regression analysis. They can predict which business development employee or sales rep would be closing more sales. Achieving this feat is no rocket-science, as all you ought to do is gather past performance data for each sales rep. The same algorithm can be put to use to help predict and identify employees who are likely to ditch the organisation sooner than you actually think.

2. Foresee Customer Grievances in a Service Oriented Business: HR can put to use a mix of cognitive, integrity and personality tests (i.e. regression analysis as stated above) for employees whilst gathering data about past performances. This helps in giving birth to a fine human resources management strategy that would further assist in identifying the troublemakers at an early stage.

3. Workforce Planning: Using the above-mentioned regression analysis practice combined with a few other techniques, they can easily predict the number of people required in each department of the company. This helps to identify and classify under-performers from top performers.

4. Employee Training Efficiency: One of the best ways for HR to measure the efficacy of a training is to employ random experiments. Comparing performances of employees using an effective performance management software will help to fetch great insights on how effective the training was. It also helps in determining weaker areas that need attention or changes in the training module.

5. Foreseeing Disciplinary Threats: Again by employing a mix of cognitive, personality and integrity tests, human resource personnel can get a fairly accurate idea of which employee is likely to steal or would get caught in some disciplinary problems or other counter-productive practice before recruiting them and get detailed HR MIS reports for the same through an intelligent HCM software.

So these are the five key factors that make human resources department an indispensable part of any business. To know more about how HR can employ cutting-edge and modern technology to make a big difference, check out our blog here. You can also give us a shout-out at Twitter and Facebook or write to us at or simply SMS SAGE to 56767.


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