Whether big or small, any business that manages its human resource chores and payroll processing manually is sure to deplete a substantial amount of time, money and resources.

Payroll is no easy feat, since it is one of the most time-consuming and critical processes for HR personnel and it should be executed on a regular basis. By automating this quintessential HR process with a smart payroll software, you proffer a great deal of relief to the HR people besides improved productivity and efficiency across the HR department. And not to forget happy employees.

1. Saves Time: By automating your payroll process, you no more need to manually compute salaries of employees, overtime calculations, bonuses/incentives, etc. saving you lot of time and hassles. This is simply a boon to the HR department of a multi-national firm that has multiple branches across the nation with remote employees reporting from diverse locations.

 2. Timely Payments: Calculating and drafting paycheck is prone to human errors thus, resulting in delayed payroll. By automating your payroll, you no more need to worry about doing it manually.

3. Saves Money: Having an automated payroll is an excellent means to save money. Also, it gives you the opportunity to free up your HR people’s time so that they can focus on other important things.

4. Reduces Stress: When you roll out payroll checks manually, the owner has to signing each of the cheque. This adds a lot of stress on the owner as well as on the HR department. By automating the entire payroll process, you eliminate the need to sign checks manually.

5. Increases Efficiency: The overall efficiency will witness improvement with an automated payroll process, because your employees will not have to spend more time in filling out manual time cards.

6. No More Payroll Disputes: Since an automated payroll system calculates attendance, time and work hours automatically, there won’t be any tax redundancies in paychecks and taxation thus, no more payroll disputes.

As you can see how an automated payroll system can ease the lives of HR personnel. By choosing a cloud based automated payroll software, you enjoy a less stressful work environment besides saving money and time.

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