HR and The Digital Explosion: Plan now or Perish later?

HR and The Digital Explosion: Plan now or Perish later?
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The responsibilities and roles that are usually undertaken by humans are changing at warp speed. Yes, bots are taking away most of the routine tasks facilitating HR to devote their time on other important chores. However, tech pundits are apprehensive about how well the HR is prepared to meet the upcoming challenges that these shifts would incur.

Here are some prominent challenges:

     1. Digital Workforce comprises of more than just humans

Businesses are making that giant leap from the industrial era to the digital era, but is it the same with HR?

With more and more business processes being executed by bots and automation driving most of the key business operations. For instance, bots are interacting with customers for resolving simple and mundane queries. Not to forget, bots are performing a number of routine human resources tasks as well. This is how the human resources department could get less human in future.

     2. Who will be responsible to distinguish and resolve the bias issues in the big data analytics?

If the human resources personnel don’t keep a tab on the feedstock for analytics, then who will? Simply put, can the HR make such evaluations if it lacks the necessary resources and talents to do so internally? And if it is able to, then with how much efficiency?

     3. Can HR embrace the change?

Before the world was introduced to automobiles, people were fearful of the same. Similarly, there are people who are fearful of cloud computing and its abilities. The future seems to have no place for cloud-fearers and its naysayers. Thus, resistance to change would simply be futile in future. Yes, cloud computing will continue to be the new normal for HR in 2017 and beyond.

     4. The future breed of HR needs to be smart and tech-savvy to pick out the good from the bad

There will be a downpour of analytics tool for the human resources department. This is the reason why future HR generation ought to be competent in analytics. The HR will not only have to deal with an ocean of data, but also with the constantly evolving data. Thus, the secret to getting their heads into analytics and big data lies in getting familiar with emerging analytics terms such as data mining, machine learning, cost modelling, etc.

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      5. Be prepared for an all-new set of HR analytics

Here’s a quick list of analytics that you will be hearing in an HR department near you in the near future:

  • Predicting whether a potential recruit would turn out to be a stellar performer
  • Predicting which employee is most likely to commit a fraud or theft
  • Predicting which employees are more likely to quit
  • Predicting future leaders
  • Identifying factors that drive employee engagement
  • Predicting when the employees are burnt out
  • Predicting statutory compliance issues
  • Identifying upcoming recruitment patterns
  • Predicting payroll frauds


So HR will no longer be about managing humans in future. In fact, it will be largely about managing bots, tools, data, software, etc. The scope of human resources has evolved extensively outgrowing the moniker of ‘human’ resources. Future is all about redefining the name and scope of HR. Simply put, the old moniker will just not fit in anymore.

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