How Virtual Reality would Revolutionize HR Industry?

How Virtual Reality would Revolutionize HR Industry?
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Human civilization has traversed a long way from the stone-age to space travel, 3D printing, driverless automobiles, and what not? Simply put, the future is here for businesses, at least!


Nevertheless, virtual reality is one such intriguing tech trend that holds immense potential for businesses. Yes, virtual reality a lot more to it than gaming. In fact, this emerging tech trend is traversing leaps and bounds offering augmented experiences that can be applied to key business practices.


As business is all about people and relations, one certainly cannot overlook the importance of HR in this context. This is because human resources personnel are the folks that bridge the gap between a business and its people.


So how can virtual reality help HR? Virtual reality is applicable to varied business processes. For instance, imagine a virtual tour of your business or workplace, 360-degree of the services or products your business offers, or a more stimulating training for new employees.


Here’s how it can help HRs:


It can help to learn whether the prospective candidate would be a good fit for the company:

It all starts when recruiting. Traditionally, judging whether a candidate would turn out to be a good fit for the company involves lot of guesswork and conscience, which often ends up in hiring the wrong employee. Whereas, virtual reality can allow a candidate to get a virtual experience for a day in the organization.


The candidate could have candid across the workplace, meet other workers, managers, and can even kick-off a project. Most importantly, the candidate gets good exposure to the office culture.



Virtual reality can greatly revolutionize talent management for HR:

Today, business leaders and managers find talent management and retention extremely difficult especially when it comes to remote or global workforce where employees report in or clock in from various different locations, at different time zones and communicate using different tools. Virtual reality could the change the way remote staffs work making them feel more engaged.


A few years from now, HR manager can send one of his crewmember’s avatar to work with a colleague, who is located in a different country. Eureka! Social and team building events, performance reviews, presentations, meetings and conferences, all can be conducted in a virtual world.



Customized employee training:

Training and development is one such area that would reap maximum benefits from virtual or augmented reality. This tech trend could take skill acquisition and employee training to a whole new level. For instance, if you wish your new recruit to master public speaking skills, you won’t have to sign-up for some popular public speaking training institution’s expensive course. A virtual coach can do it all for you.




Providing opportunities for employees to adopt and explore diverse areas of a business would become a lot easy. Often skill development is confined to high performers or hierarchies, because they are expensive. By eliminating travel time and costs, virtual reality offers a fair platform for every employee of an organisation to hone his/her skillsets.



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