How training management software can get your new recruits excited?

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Recruiting and retaining top talent is undoubtedly the most important thing for an organisation to stay ahead of the curve in today’s cutthroat business ecosystem. Unfortunately, several organisations tend to struggle in the burgeoning and competitive talent market when it comes to recruit the best employees from the pool.


Now when we talk about recruitment and retention, the very first term to pop in our heads is “HR”. Yes, it is the HR, who executes this critical process. Since this is the era of automation, why not automate your recruiting and training as well as on-boarding processes in order to free your HR department and let it focus on other strategic operations.


Yes, a good training management system will not only free up time for your HR, but will also streamline the entire on-boarding and training experience for all the new recruits. Most importantly, a training management software can prove to be a boon to provide new hires with a fantastic first impression.


Effortless on-boarding

Training management system streamlines the entire training and employee on-boarding process thus, freeing up a great amount of time for the HR. Online training software enables HR professionals to create training blueprints on the run, customisable on-boarding/training templates and lot more, all from a unified and interactive dashboard. Most importantly, a training management software helps you track ROI (return on investment) for all your training programs at the click of button.



Underpins the big decision

Irrespective of how excited a new recruit is to join the organisation, kicking off a new job was and always will be a major adjustment. Having an on-boarding or training management system infers that your organisation is a modern workplace that provides its employees with next-gen tools that they would need to hone and develop their careers over time. Also, providing a seamless on-boarding experience will not only help you keep up with their excitement, but will also reinforce their decision of joining your organisation.



Prioritises time of employees

On-boarding software would help employees sign important new-recruit documents and help them access learning and other resources on their first day at work. Eureka! Your new recruits can focus and learn about their job on their first day and not on paperwork. An online training software can provide new recruits easy and quick access to the following:


  • Read about helpful information
  • Check out training or welcome videos, etc.
  • Fill out and sign new-recruit forms such as bank forms, insurance, etc.
  • Read company policies and handbook


Whereas HR professionals and the management on the other hand get to:

  • Identify skill gaps in specific employees
  • Provide information related particular training, procedures, etc.
  • Create training courses based on employee’s rank or project.
  • View performances of employees for the trainings undertaken.


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We understand how tiring and cumbersome it is to manage training programs for employees. Our training management system is designed to address these painpoints. Why wait? Let your new recruits and HR enjoy a better on-boarding experience with a good training management software.


To learn more about how our training management system can help you connect with your employees even before they get aboard or write to us at

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