How to “woo” your recruiter in 4 easy steps?

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woo your recruiter
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Let’s start with some facts- On an average, an HR has only 7 seconds to go through your CV. You can also say that it takes only 7 seconds to decide whether you will land your dream job or not.


You must have gone through a lot of articles and videos on how to make your CV just right for the job and every time, hence, we would just come to the point with this one. A vitae with information such as your gender, your family background or any other thing which exists on top of the page and cannot contribute in any way to the applied position or company is worthless.



Here is something else that you might want to go through:


There are literally thousands of resumes revolving around HR’s desk with the heading as ‘CV’ or ‘Resume’. Yes, we know it. Candidates don’t need to mention it there explicitly. This traditional format must vanish ASAP. Also, the basic rule on CV format is keeping it short and high lightened. The resume size must not be more than 1 or 2 pages.


Ever wondered about how an application gets read or shortlisted? Simple. HR reads them. Right? Not really! There are many companies that employ an automated keyword searching engine installed in their recruitment software for making it easy to select the right candidate and quickly. No one wants to get their CV rejected even before the HR can read it. The hack here is including ‘keywords’. Keywords which match the job description mentioned in the job ad is what makes it easier for AI-powered software to shortlist your CV for further processes. Even HRs while finding a relevant CV on job portals, search it via keywords, which if missing from your CV, will not be beneficial for you.



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Mention your skills, achievements, education, etc. in bullets. They are always presented in a clean manner and make the content short, clear and the reader attentive. Again over here, the key is to shorten the content using bullet points, not having a bullet point of 3–4 lines.


Congrats! You have prepared a CV and are good to go. However, what if your CV contains typos? Horrible! Proofread…Proofread…Proofread! This is the only thing which can save you always. Make your friend or your relative go through your CV for you. This is the best technique in spotting typos or spelling mistakes.


The above tips are prepared mainly keeping a fresh candidate in mind. What if you are an experienced one and searching for tips to prepare a resume for your next job? Things might change for you. Here’s how:


  • Swipe off your college achievements and
  • Insert new bullet for ‘work experience’ and work achievements. Thus, letting your CV look more professional.
  • Take efforts to tailor make your CV for the job. It is time-consuming but it shows your commitment.


Use these tips to stand out, get shortlisted and get an interview dropped for you.


Best of luck!


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