You have received the call letter! Hearty congratulations. Now that you’ve groomed up yourself nicely, looking sharp, intelligent, crisp and ready to crack the interview, there are few things to consider and know before you actually show up. Don’t worry. This article will help you get there.

You can win this easily, if you have prepared for that one tricky moment – the question. That one question (maybe at the end of face-to-face round) that will eventually decide the fate of you landing the job. Anyways, we’ve got your back. So, what could be that question?

Let’s not waste more time. Listed below are some common and tricky questions asked in many interviews-

  • Do you check office e-mails during your vacation?

You will be like, “What is so challenging here? Obviously, it will be a ‘Yes’”, even if you are not that dedicated. Remember one thing – Employers need a dedicated employee along with a sense of responsibility towards their health. Obviously, health of an employee affects their performance. So on an official vacation, it is better you stay away from the work or any office thing that might interfere your enjoyment. Also, keeping your office responsibilities at bay might seem irresponsible. You can either say, “I will complete all my pending work till date and also be available for urgencies all the time” – something like this.

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  • What about your strengths and weaknesses?

There might a dozen of strengths. But, remember one thing – if you are being interviewed for a java developer post, you must mention strengths related to the job description that will benefit your performance. Mentioning strengths like social, creative, etc. are not really what the interviewer would expect here. Choose your adjectives wisely.

For weaknesses – No, I don’t have any, well and good. But, that may sound like you aren’t aware of your weaknesses. Knowing, mentioning some and working upon them might prove to be match winner and constructive nature.

  • Which one will you prefer? – ‘Company A has good salary but a tough job, Company B has lower salary but comfortable job’

You might have come across this question earlier too and must have wondered about what to answer! Here, the interviewer just wants to check your opinion about both the conditions. There’s no correct or wrong answer here. If you choose company A, it says you are always open for challenges and a competitive person. If you choose B, it means you don’t always run for money and believe in steady progress. Both perspectives work differently. Just keep yourself ready for the counter questions.

  • Why work here?

There might be many reasons to join the company, like extra benefits, good package, canteen facilities, sports, terrace, etc. But, imagine about your best friend telling you about why he/ she lives with you is just because you spend money on them. It hurts? The same happens with the interviewer. Instead, you can say about what excites you the most about the company culture or missions.

If you do a little research on the company values, achievements, missions, etc., you are sure to come up with a better answer.

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  • Where do you see yourself in a decade?

This question is asked to know what you think about yourself and your future. It is to ensure that you are focused about your career and would work accordingly to get there eventually. Career-focused candidates are preferred. If you are focused, you will definitely be having a good reply for this question.

  • Why hire ‘you’?

Nothing complicated. Along with you, industrial experience, work experience, skills, certifications, achievements, recognitions, and enthusiasm are some add-ons you will be bringing to them while joining. These accomplishments are some things which make you count.

Hope this helps you in your upcoming interviews. Good luck!

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