How to stay Engaged and Productive while working remotely?

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In this era of social distancing and flexible working, it becomes the sole responsibility of the HR professional to look for better workforce engaging strategies. Managing a remote employee isn’t that easy. Tracking their work, attendance data, communication, etc. are some major challenges at HR.


While working from home or any client location (remote area), the environment is the biggest hurdle for employees. This blog will help you with the best tips to follow for staying engaged and productive throughout.


Is work from home here to stay?


To make the remote working practice successful, read out the tips below:


  • Manage your distractions

Getting distracted with your mobile phone applications and message notifications is normal. But, until when? Distraction could also make you miss your deadline and create productivity issues. Try keeping such objects out of reach or sight.


You can isolate yourself in a private room with no one else. Try hiding your mobile phone behind your desktop or in the drawer.



  • Have video chats

Long remote working days or working from home could make you feel lonely due to no physical communications or meets. You can instead practice video calls with your colleagues or person whom you interact most. This can make you feel their physical presence.


This can be very useful while engaging yourself with the workplace and team. Regular or weekly meets can happen through video chats.



  • Have virtual workspace

If its too comfortable and difficult to focus at home, try building a space similar to your office. This will manipulate your mind and help you focus. Try switching ON lights, clean your desk, do not work on bed/ sofa, or try wearing formals.


Keeping yourself productive and engaged while working from home can be tricky. With right tips it no more a challenge. Discussed are 3 most popular tricks to win.


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