How to Recruit for a Profile that is Out of your League?

How to Recruit for a Profile that is Out of your League?
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During the initial days for a start-up, it is quite common for its staff to take up multiple responsibilities such as that of the human resource manager, programmer, accountant, receptionist, or whatever position that requires to be filled at that given point of time.


Nevertheless, overtime when the company begins to grow, there is a need to recruit full-time people having relevant knowledge for the positions. Though it is certainly a great thing for a company to grow, there’s a cache here especially for the HR managers, when it comes to rocking at recruitment.


Though you as a recruitment expert can figure out the various roles to be filled on the fly, you certainly are not an expert to take up these responsibilities or positions full-time. So how do you spot and interview candidates for a position that you don’t understand e.g. tech, marketing, or sales roles when you yourself are clueless about the ins-and-outs of the role to be filled?


Here are some sure-fire ways to help you make well-informed and smart decisions when hiring for a profile out of your league:



     1. Seek advice

Firstly, evaluate your network/contacts. Find out people you know in your network who are successful in the kind of role or responsibility that you are looking for.


Next, meet these folks over a cup of coffee and try to identify some strategies that would help you in your recruitment process. Talk about the important expertise or skills that you were looking for in this role. You are sure to come across some great skills in these roles, their mistakes, and advice for the same.


Also, you can ask your contacts to share certain important as well as common interview questions or formats they have encountered.



     2. Seek training

If it’s possible for your contacts to train you for the essential skills of the position that you are hiring for, it’s a jackpot for you.


For instance, if you are hiring for a coding whiz, you may ask your friend from a coding background to give you a quick coding crash course to help you learn skills that a potential candidate would put to use in his/her role as a coder.


Simply put, arming yourself with a few basics would help you draft smarter interview questions to pick the best talent.



     3. Seek referrals

Yes, the best thing you can do is to get referrals or individuals who have been pre-inspected by the folks you trust. Though you would still need to interview these candidates, when a professional programmer refers to a candidate, you sure can trust candidates to have the sound skills and experience that you are looking for.


Successful HR managers and recruitment experts know the importance of networking and social media for recruitment especially when it comes to recruiting for a profile you don’t understand. So make the most of your network.



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