2017, It’s a Wrap! Here’s How to Inspire your Employees for 2018

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So it’s that time of the year again: Year-end rush it is!

As you kick-start your to-do list for 2016 before we spear into the New Year, it is always a wise thing to lay the cornerstones for the impending year. The question is how to harness the best from the remaining time to connect with your employees?


Here’s how you can end this year on a fantastic note and kick off 2017 with a bang:


  • Emotional Ownership

Why breaking the news of promotion at the brink of New Years’ (a few weeks earlier) is deemed as a good idea?


Getting promoted right before employees leave for vacation renders them an opportunity to take up emotional ownership of the new roles and responsibilities. Also, it is an excellent news to share with friends and family. Nothing can substitute the answer to the question of how’s work than saying I just got promoted up!


Another benefit of promoting an employee now is that they’ll take time over the vacation to deem about the transition including new recruits to the team, if any. They can hit the right chord and get going on the right foot after resuming back to work after vacation.


Employees tend to reflect upon their careers during this period the most. Thus, it is the best time for goal setting and for stellar performers, switching their jobs might top the priority during this period. Do not let your best talents to look outside your organisation. This is the time to tap in.


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But, what to do if you cannot make any promotions?

  • Build Connections

Unfortunately, announcing promotions before the end of year might not sound possible for every organisation due to lack of an automated performance appraisal software. So how to connect with your employees in such a situation? Here’s how you can:


Managers should talk to their people individually. As the festive season infuses a relaxed and joyful atmosphere at a workplace, it is certainly the best time of the year for some authentic communication with your people.


Tell every employee why you are thankful for all the good work they did. If possible, cite examples of their best work whilst also letting them know how their efforts contributed to the company’s goals in the long run. Solicit feedbacks on how you can better their jobs in the forthcoming year and ask them about their goals for 2017.


Most importantly, managers should do the same with remote employees as well as.


Make sure you take time to speak to your employees before stepping into 2017. Eureka! Your people will remember all those considerate conversations that they had with their boss for days to come.


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