The last couple of years has seen a stupendous rise in the number of millennials also known as Gen-Y dominating the workforce across diverse industries outnumbering the baby boomers and Gen X. Regardless of the vast number of Gen Y dominating the job market, recruiting experts and HR managers are having a tough time in finding and retaining employees especially millennials.

If you are having a foot in your mouth like the situation when it comes to finding and retaining millennials, then the very first step you ought to do is understand the way millennials actually prefer to work and live followed by creating a strategy that suits them.

Here are some cool tips to help you get rolling with millennials and become their BFF.

1. Social Media

Yes, social networking platforms have become a breeding ground for talent acquisition experts for sourcing talents. This is because Gen Y people dominate the social network podiums compared to the Gen X people. So it’s time to be where the millennials are. Thus, it is perfectly sensible for HR managers and hiring experts to have an impressive social media presence to attract millennials.

One thing is sure that millennials crave connections and a business that leverages social media platforms to connect with them is nailing at the very art of social media recruitment.

2. Opportunities for Exposure & Growth

Another key factor that millennials look forward to in a job is growth. In fact, a number of Gen Y folks tend to call it a quit if they sense no opportunity for personal development and career growth in their present jobs. Being a generation that has grown with technology at their fingertips, they are constantly on the lookout for new avenues and opportunities to scale up.

Irrespective of whether you intend to find or retain Gen Y folks with your online recruitment approach, it is imperative for you to demonstrate the growth opportunities that the company has in store for them.

3. Teamwork

Remember that millennials no longer work for a business, but in fact, they work with a business. Unlike the baby boomers and Gen X, Gen Y people prefer to bloom and breathe in much a collaborative work environment and tend to perform better when in teams. Thus, businesses that have a team-centric and collaborative work culture is sure to attract more number of millennials.

4. Open Communication

Researches and studies have consistently backed the fact that millennials prefer to have open communication and regular feedback from their peers and seniors to perform at their best. Since a good number of Gen Y folks desire to learn when at work, they crave an open communication policy with their bosses or managers.

So if your business is clambering to retain millennials, it might be time to mull over some managerial training to nurture a feedback oriented work environment.

HR leaders and entrepreneurs ought to make some tweaks in their employee management strategies to develop a conducive environment for millennials to work in. A cloud HRMS solution can help businesses match up with the pace of the Gen Y workforce.

Though these changes might sound challenging, remember you are prepping up your business for a whole new generation of workforce that will be running the show.

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