How To Ace Your Telephonic Interview

How To Ace Your Telephonic Interview
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You just received a mail that your resume has been shortlisted and the next round would be a “telephonic interview”. You heave a sigh of relief as you do not have to travel and can attend the interview in your pyjamas and at the comfort of your home. But if you think it is that easy then you have to think again.


A telephonic Interview is not child’s play as you have limited time to convince your interviewer about your potential. To add to this, you can’t see your interviewer’s facial expression which makes it even more difficult to understand if you are answering what they expect. For this, you must be confident and should be prompt with your answers.


With the technological evolution, the way interviews were conducted is changing and companies conduct interviews through various channels and one of the most common ways is Telephonic interviews. Though this concept is not new, the ongoing pandemic has accelerated this trend. Once you have impressed your interviewer with your resume the next step is to put forth your best for your virtual interview.



Purpose Of Phone Interviews:

The trend of phone interviews is increasing like never before. One of the main reasons companies conduct telephonic interviews are because of its convenience. With the ongoing pandemic, convenience has changed into a necessity.


Here are few reasons why employers conduct telephonic rounds:


  • They get an overview of the candidate’s skills and qualification.
  • They understand the candidate’s expectations from the job.
  • Employers also understand the candidate’s salary expectations and other benefits.
  • They also get a clear idea of the candidate’s interest in the current position.
  • They can access how good of a communicator the candidate is.
  • And last but not the least they can decide how well the candidate fits within the company.


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Here are a few tips for telephonic interview that will help you to prepare and stand out before that one important call.


  • Confirm the details – Before you start your research or start preparing for the interview draft a mail and confirm your interview details. Confirming your interview details through an email is a good idea as you and your interviewer are on the same page regarding the date and time of the interview. Confirm details like – When will the interviewer call you, who will call you and their position, Confirm the number they can call you on and an additional phone number in case of technical issues.


  • Research about the Company – Once you are informed about your upcoming interview’s date and time, be prepared well in advance. Research about the company and be well informed about the job description.


  • Prepare in advance – Make a point of all your achievements in your previous company and your job role. Be prepared for questions like – why did you apply for this job, What are your expectations from this job, Why did you leave your previous company, What are your salary expectations, Are you willing to relocate etc. Also, make a list of questions you would like to ask your interviewer.


  • Charge your Phone well in advance– This is one thing that most people forget to do. Having insufficient battery during the call might distract you as you have to start searching for the charger and your mind gets diverted from the call.


  • Use a headphone – Headphones help in cancelling the background noise to a great extent which helps the interviewer hear you better. Using a headphone will also help you to be hands-free and jot down points or notes easily.


  • Reschedule if you have to – It’s not ideal to reschedule an interview as it might leave a bad impression on the interviewer. But some emergencies cannot be avoided or you might have completely forgotten about the telephonic interview. Do not panic and attend the interview in a frightened mode as you may not be able to give your best and might be caught up with other distractions. It is better to reschedule the interview rather than sounding nervous and not giving your best.


  • Choose a good spot– Most of the companies inform you before they call you for an interview. So choose a room where you can talk without any disturbance. Inform your family and ask them not to disturb you when the interview is going on. Keep your pets out of the room so that you do not get distracted in between the call.


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  • Create a cheat sheet – One of the best pros of the telephonic interview is that you can have your notes in front of you without the interviewer having a clue. Though you practice a lot about what to say and how to answer a particular question you may get blank or freeze when an interviewer asks you a question. Why be in such a position and forget things when you can have some notes handy. Rather than having an ‘umm’ or ‘hmm’ in your conversation, it is advisable to pre-plan for your interview and be ready with some notes. Research about the company, make a note of your answers and also the questions you would like to ask and jot it down in a notepad. Jot it down in the form of bullet points for easy reference.


  • Calm down and relax– It is normal for people to get a little nervous before attending an interview. But do not let this nervousness affect your interview. Do not stress too much over this role. Be prepared for the worst. Do things that may calm your mind before the call, like – Go for a walk, eat well, stay hydrated, talk to a good friend or family member, listen to music etc. It is very important to keep in mind that this is just a call and it is not going to decide your future.


  • Have a positive attitude and sound confident – This point is very important to ace the virtual interview. Though it is not very easy to sense a person’s mood over the phone, a positive attitude and confident tone can be sensed easily. Greet your interviewer and talk with a positive attitude rather than sounding nervous or worried about the result. It is ok to pause and think for a few seconds but do not take too much time.


  • Do not try to dominate – Though it is important to sound confident, it is advisable not to sound overconfident or too dominating. This may goof up your interview. Always listen to your interviewer and wait for them to finish their question. Once you have heard the question, speak clearly and in a concise manner.


  • Say Thank you – Yes, we understand that you are caught up with many questions like – Did I answer well, did the interviewer like my answer, Was I too fast etc. These are normal thoughts that cross all candidate’s minds once they are done with the interview. But amidst all these thoughts do not forget to thank the interviewer for their time. You can also send a ‘Thank You’ email to the recruiter or interviewer once the interview has been conducted.




Your performance in a telephonic interview gives an overview of your personal and professional details to the employer. Hence candidates should take the telephonic interview seriously rather than attending it lying on the couch. The telephonic interview should be given the same importance as an in-person interview.


Taking the interview seriously and getting stressed about the interview are two different things. So never get too stressed about the interview. Get a good night sleep before the day of your interview and feel refreshed. It is very important to follow the above tips for the telephonic interview to make the right lasting impression and grab the best opportunity. Remember that this interview is not going to decide your future so relax and give your best. Good luck!!



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