How Time Tracking Apps Help HR to Check Employee Availability Status

Time Tracking Apps
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Managing a remote workforce is a big challenge because you don’t know when they are working, so tracking the time of remote staff is a tedious task. In this scenario, online time tracking apps will prove helpful to the human resource department as it has all the necessary features to track time of employees.


Today, the tool is incredibly important for businesses to boost productivity. In fact, asking employees to track their time can be a lot of overhead. So, instead of asking employees to track time, use time tracking software and manage all the tracking you need with ease. Also, it helps management teams to deep dive into productivity data for growth. The system is must for growing businesses.


The time tracking app is an application which is used to track time of employees and this information is used for accurate payroll, client billing, project costing and attendance. Companies that are still tracking time manually with spreadsheets and paper have a big chance of time theft. Hence, switching from traditional time tracking systems to new-age software is a big help for HR personnel to check employee availability status.


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Time tracking systems make use of advanced techniques like geo fencing and geo tracking which helps companies to track their employees’ locations with ease. The app is designed in such a way that the HR team can check the employee location and his or her real time working.


Also, you can use mobile devices to monitor employee activities without the hassle.  Such apps make clocking in and out using smartphones a breeze. The tool provides all necessary details to HR people related to employees’ working hours, late start and early leave.


Which is the best cloud based time tracking solution?

Pocket HRMS always aims to help businesses succeed and hence, put the power simple time tracking in the hands of your human resource department and save big. Investing in time tracking apps is the easiest way to manage your workforce especially remote employees. Our cloud based time tracking system has intelligent features and easily customizable as per your HR department’s needs.



Benefits Of using time tracking software of Pocket HRMS

Below are some of the top 6 benefits of implementing time tracking management system of Pocket HRMS, take a look-


  • Simple, customizable and complete
  • Wide range of easy to use features
  • Seamless integration with other HR systems
  • Provides data security and best technical support
  • Saves time and efforts employees and HR
  • No more benefits of doubts and frauds

Pocket HRMS, simple to use and easy to implement cloud based HR software, is ready to serve all company sizes, small, medium or large. So, companies should use online tools to avoid all time tracking errors. But, before selecting any system, make sure that it has all the necessary features and support multiple platforms.



How do I contact Pocket HRMS for time tracking software?

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