How the second-in-command are damaging workplaces?

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damaging workplaces
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A workplace is an amazing place where people from different backgrounds come together for a single aim. However, in this melting pot of cultures and attitudes, people have a way to distinguish themselves from the others. Often, unofficial hierarchies are formed and unofficial roles are assumed.


Amidst this entire misapprehension, the most dominant figure is that of the one who is second-in-command, let’s call them ‘SIC’. These people may not be officially juniors or deputies to their bosses by title, but the role is often assumed and unofficial. Many a times, second-in-command people are the only reason that may be damaging a workplace’s environment.


Few pointers to lookout for:

  • Filtration: Since SIC are close to their bosses, they may twist facts that are to be bestowed onto the team and resort to filtering of teammates’ activities and achievements. Since bosses often trust the SIC more, they may believe the twisted facts presented to them and take undeserved actions. In this scenario, it is important that the employee suffering need to contact the boss directly or with the help of HR and put his point forward.


  • Politics: One thing common with the SICs through organizations is they fear to lose their position and hence, will resort to all measures to make sure that no one else can rise up. These people are the ones who are at the heart of so-called “Office Politics” and do not fret to get their hands dirty. For an HR, it is important to find out such people and get them reported to their superiors, since they are not healthy for the organization.


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  • Bossy: The assumed roles of these people make them bossy in nature and they do not blink an eye before misusing their power. The organization then sees rise of a bully, who not only drives away good talent from the organization, but also creates an unfavourable environment for all others working in the team.


  • Rotten apple spoils the barrel: Like the saying goes, a bad influence will garner nothing than bad influence. People look and are moulded by their surrounding and if they cannot fight the situation, they will adapt themselves to it. Hence. What the SIC inadvertently does is to form an environment in the office where people like him thrive and prosper. In addition, where personal growth and competition is given more preference than the company’s.


An HR’s is tough especially if you have to find a way to eliminate this unwarranted attitude in office. A company’s growth is directly linked to its people and if one person is damaging it unconsciously, you will need to amend it. For all your other work, we have Pocket HRMS, an end-to-end HR management software that can take away the monotonous work from your shoulders and help you take better strategic decisions.


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