How the HR Department Could Get Less Human in Future?

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HR Department could get Less Human
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Okay, so we all know Siri and its role in our lives, both personal and professional! Now what if we say that soon chatbots would power your HR department? Sounds interesting? It is in fact. Read on to find out.


Yes, some of the questions that you frequently shoot to your HR department could be soon be answered by chatbots. This not-so futuristic concept is being the talk of the town for quite some time. HR chatbot would perform some of the routine human resources tasks and that may include explaining the company policy to new recruits, surveying your employees and gathering employee data or training the new recruits.


The bot would work in tandem with enterprise grade cloud HR software, which is increasingly turning out to be the most preferred tool for people management these days. Employees could send their messages to the chatbots just as they would do to humans. The bot then by using language-processing software would interpret the message and will respond accordingly.


Disruption Ahead!


When we talk about global economy, robots are believed to be a disruptive force. In fact, some economists and tech pundits even predict that robots will be inevitably replacing a whopping number of low-wage workers such as factory labours and drivers for instance.


As AI or Artificial Intelligence for people management continues to evolve into a more sophisticated tech trend, robots might outperform humans in responsibilities/roles that require less manual.


So is it a sign that HR will comprise of bots only in the future? May be not, since the invention of chatbots is aimed to allow HR people to focus on other important tasks that require higher degree of human touch and intelligence. Simply put, the HR personnel will be having more time at hand, since the bots would automate a whole lot of tedious tasks for them. For instance, a chatbot can assist employees to locate the required forms or notify the staff on upcoming holidays, company events etc.


Often, human resources people spend a huge amount of time in executing the routine mundane tasks thwarting them from being engaged and strategic in other critical responsibilities. What we will witness in the future is that a great deal of work, that does not require interacting or collaborating with other humans is exactly the kind of work that will be automated with the introduction of chatbots.


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(Ref: MIT Technology Review)


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