How Technology will Drive Workplace Transparency to New Heights

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Today, workplace transparency is much more than a trend. In fact, it goes beyond employees and leaders collaborating to discuss about criteria and expectations for growth and development opportunities. Further, the open door policy is a very small initiative in the right direction, since there are various other hacks to create a transparent workplace that companies can leverage with the right technology.


With the recent cloudburst of emerging technologies, businesses today have access to the right set of tools to create a more engaged and transparent work culture. Here’s how technology can drive workplace transparency, and in significant ways:


Comprehensive Goal Setting

A transparent workplace is the one, which boasts a fair amount of visibility across all organisational levels. This is even applicable to goal tracking for teams and individual employees. Here, technology for efficient talent management offers on-demand insights into goal setting. It provides real-time updates on goal tracking.


In addition, when people share their goals, they in a way make themselves accountable for others than just themselves. In fact, several platforms provide goal breakdown, which provides a good picture of how team and individual goals are aligned toward the big picture. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and his or her role stays toward the organisation’s vision.




Real-time Performance Monitoring

Yes, automated performance appraisal software paves way for instant performance recognition and feedbacks to ensure optimum productivity and engagement.


Performance tracking is not just for feedbacks only, since it ensures an engaged workforce as well eventually improving motivation and satisfaction levels. Here, talent management technology acts as the nucleus; since it helps a company create such a level of transparency.


The employer is on the receiving side as well, as it helps the management to allocate tasks properly to ensure productivity and prevent burnouts.



Streamlined Collaboration

When it comes to large-scale or bulk operations, collaboration becomes painstaking. Here, having a talent management technology that can offer instant access to all the projects would greatly help in assessing and evaluating contribution of individual employees and teams.


By having a streamlined collaboration, businesses can keep the entire workforce connected and informed, that too in real time. Most importantly, it opens up doors to efficient communication facilitating robust teamwork and transparency.



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