How technology is solving the most annoying thing about recruiting?

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Every company tends to have its own ‘Holy Grail’ when it comes to recruitment and staffing, this includes attracting, screening, selecting and on-boarding!

For the past couple of decades, recruitment process was all about finding the candidates, tracking them and hiring them using some old school methods. However, the inception of web technologies such as video marketing (vlogs), blogs, social media, etc. have begun to turn the tables for human resources professionals and talent acquisition experts when it comes to recruitment.

Here’s how social media is transforming the recruitment game!

Old-school recruitment process requires the HR department to navigate through heaps of resumes and applications, which is tiring and full of hassle. On the other hand, technology or data –driven recruitment comes as a boon for recruiters all over the globe, since it makes the entire task a cakewalk.

Getting the needle in haystack!

With hiring volumes predicted to go up, experts suggest businesses to embrace HR technology to stay ahead of the curve to win the hiring game.

Here’s how technology will be invigorating the recruitment process as we see it today:

1. Recruitment marketing is fast turning out to be the most sought after strategy for talent acquisition these days. Contributing to the success of this trend are big data and cloud based HR solutions that facilitate hiring experts to pick the right talents whilst getting a holistic view of all the applicants. On the other hand, big data along with social media is saving both time and efforts for recruiters when it comes to screening resumes.

2. Social media recruitment speeds up the response time. It allows quick interaction with candidates. As a matter of fact, candidates today expect swift response from companies and most of the businesses fail to do so. This can sabotage a company’s repute in the job market. HR technology curbs the response time, right from a candidate submitting his/her application to getting a response from the company. Instant messaging, text, emails, etc. are making hiring process real quick and friendly.

3. Smartphones are playing a pivotal role in reshaping the recruitment landscape. Yes, mobile-based platforms are proving to be of great use for end-to-end hiring processes, particularly for bulk hiring drives. Mobile apps help businesses to reach and engage with potential candidates at lightning speed. This renders a win-win scenario for both employers as well as job seekers.

4. Gone are those tiring days of hunting down references for each candidate, since most of the online profiles allow candidates to include reviews, recommendations and references for their work. Access to such data helps talent acquisition professionals to find the right candidate.

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another disruptive tech trend that is taking the recruitment landscape by a storm. Artificial intelligence for recruitment allows contextual based search, which is not achievable by archaic methods. It helps to analyse a candidate’s social footprint, not only confined to social media profiles, but also extends to knowledge sharing sites, career portals, etc. Though AI is still in its preschool phase, it would be exciting for HRs and businesses to embrace it for making quality hires.


Recruiters in the near future will no longer be focusing on filling job vacancies only, as it will be all about quality hires and not quantity. Thereby, reviving the entire process of recruitment from old-school methods to making it strategic and data-driven will be the mantra for next-gen HR professionals to attract talents. To conclude, technology will be like a sidekick for recruiters and HR people for making informed hiring decisions.

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