How Technology and Data can solve HR’s Biggest Problems?

How Technology and Data can solve HR's Biggest Problems?
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Technology has transformed Human Resource into a data-driven entity. However, this certainly does not infer that intuition is fading out, but rather a good number of HR experts and practitioners are prone to experiencing some sort of guilt or shame if they allow “to let things go as they may”. For instance, the transformation of talent management into ‘people analytics’ undoubtedly has improved the status of human resources.


The point here is that human resources can endow businesses with powerful data and tech to transform the future of people management, all with a transparent ROI.


With that being said, we still have room to improve, since most of the technological inceptions are yet to be applied or analyzed fully. The HR tech landscape is full of glittering new objects including a few that require optimism to a good extent. Below are some salient examples:


  • Big Data

There is a whole lot of data out there that we have generated over all these years. As such, internal organizational data like metadata or email content can be leveraged for monitoring the engagement, performance, and potential of an employee. If only the algorithms could fetch people’s social media feeds, browser history, and online purchases, we would certainly know them much better compared to that of an average manager.


Nevertheless, there’s no evidence that this particular approach can help predict work-related behaviours much faster compared to traditional methods. However, there is a thin yet huge difference between what one should and could know about people.


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  • Digital Interviews

Last but not least comes the technological disruption in interviews that are being conducted these days. Yes today, it is very much possible to interview a person and evaluate his/her behaviors and answers without much human intervention and from any location. Avatars or chatbots can take charge as interviewers, whereas algorithms can help interpret the interviewee’s answers and behaviors based on pre-set scenarios.


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The problem is that most of the interviewers or recruiters cannot keep their intuition aside. It is very much like a self-driving car, as people still rest their hands on the steering wheel, simply because they have more trust in them than the technology in use.



Long story short, when assessed against intuition, HR tech is definitely making the industry a lot smarter, but it is yet to reach a stage of scientifically defendable techniques.


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