Millennials are carving a massive impact on businesses these days. Undoubtedly, one of the largest generations in today’s workforce, millennials are the ones riding high on the tech and digital wave. One of the vital industries these people are making the biggest impact is the IT industry. This is the reason why IT professionals and departments that staff them no longer follow the stereotypes when it comes to hiring and taming them. Gone are the days of IT people being a mysterious department in an organisation that most of the employees never entered or co-ordinated with.

Today’s generation of IT professionals prefer to collaborate more with their peers compared to the Gen-X people and are keen to part take in goal setting and strategic organisational planning as well. They prefer to work much closer with their senior personnel be it from marketing, sales or HR department. Simply put, they prefer being BFF with the boss.

So here’s a quick guide for HRs on how to recruit for IT departments of the future:

1. Millennials are driving the change to a major extent. These digital and tech savvy people are the ones, who were practically born and brought up with smartphones in their hands. In short, these are the people, who eat, sleep and breathe technology, software, devices and apps. They are the most connected generation of all. Thus, for HR professionals tasked with recruiting such people ought to be on the same line to connect with them.

2. As discussed above, millennials prefer to stay connected 24×7 and thus, you can’t neglect the importance of social media platforms HRs can use these platforms to convey their message and reach out to a huge pool of audience. This is where you can find your next IT stellar. It’s time for HR and talent acquisition professionals to be where the world is.

3. Reach out to potential candidates who are expert in technical areas as well as are good with soft skills such as interpersonal, negotiation and communication skills. Having the best technology would be of no use if your workforce lacks strong interpersonal skills, as it is often those small gestures that make a huge impact on employee happiness and workforce retention.

4. Lastly, HRs ought to perceive talent as a platform when dealing with millennials. Innovative is the key here. Think outside the box and come up with new talent acquisition ideas such as hiring outside IT, crowdsourcing or consider partners, vendors or customers.

5. IT companies of future would focus more on novel technologies, software and skills. Thus, for building an IT department of this rank, IT recruiters would have to operate in a more collaborative, cross-functional and engaging way.

HR professionals would have to seek out the compassionate and visionaries or big thinkers who are comfortable to move between the perimeters of IT department to customer service to client meet-up or corporate boardroom.

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