How Companies Can Effectively Combat with Coronavirus?

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Just a couple of months back when people were celebrating the new year with their loved ones, none of them would have thought that it would bring with itself an invisible deadly killer. A virus so potent that would threaten the lives of millions across the planet. The Coronavirus outbreak is a reality and it has already been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). This calls for a synergistic response from all; including people, governments, and companies.


This article throws light on how companies can effectively combat the spread of Coronavirus and protect their customers, employees, and prospects.


  • Suspend/postpone work-related travels

Coronavirus is a highly contagious disease that readily spreads as soon as an infected person comes into contact with a healthy one. Governments all over the world have been quick to curb the spread of this virus by prohibiting mass congregations.


Companies can restrict the spread of the virus by suspending/postponing all pre-planned events such as conferences, closings, summits, forums, conclaves and any other form of a meeting where a large number of people are required to gather. As soon as the experts across the world find an effective antidote for the virus, companies can reschedule the dates and locations for meetings and update the concerned employees about it.



  • Quickly adopt remote work culture

With the sudden spread of the deadly virus, people must take extreme caution. Thus, companies should allow their employees to work from a remote place, preferably from their home. Companies should quickly adopt remote work culture that can be of great help during unfortunate times such as these.


Below points explain how companies can make use of technology to deal with it:

  • By allowing managers to assign tasks to their fellow team members online
  • By arranging a stand-up meeting through a phone call or video call to discuss the task at hand
  • By conducting meetings online to plan and discuss the future strategy
  • By interviewing prospects remotely through video calls
  • By creating a forum where employees can raise doubts
  • By encouraging peer-to-peer problem-solving sessions
  • By allowing real-time content sharing
  • By creating a database containing FAQs that can help solve minor problems
  • By using cloud-based HRMS software modules, like employee timesheet management to track remote workforce, mobile payroll app for timely payroll processing, etc.


  1. Educate your employees about the pandemic

By not maintaining proper hygiene, you not only put yourself at risk of being contaminated but also others. The infected people may feel all right during the incubation period but unknowingly, they become an asymptomatic carrier of the virus. Experts and international organizations have released certain guidelines to combat the virus. Some of them are described below:


  • Clean your hand thoroughly and more often
  • Maintain an arm length distance from other people
  • Clean your mobile phones, computers, doorknobs, desks, etc. using disinfectants
  • While travelling outside, wear face masks and gloves
  • If your colleagues show symptoms of the virus, contact the HR manager immediately

Here it is imperative to take a look at the document issued by the World Health Organization to combat the virus. Go through it thoroughly.



Disclaimer: Pocket HRMS and our writers do not claim any cure or precaution. The ways discussed above in the article do not claim to be the only solution for enterprises and individuals. Please do follow govt. and WHO guidelines for precautionary measures.


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